blogging in 10 Awesome Tips and Tricks to Improve Your DNN Blog What sets SunBlogNuke apart from every other DNN "blog" modules out there? One of the reasons is because of its flexibility. Designers, developers, and bloggers have plenty of options. In this post we’ll look at a combination of tutorials for improving a DNN-based site with SunBlogNuke that help you improve your blog as well as your blogging experience, like providing added functionality that will bring new possibilities.

1) Build a Featured Posts Section for SunBlogNuke

This tutorial covers the process of configuring the featured widget module to set up a magazine-style front page with a featured post section.

2) Create a “retweet” Button for your blog

As Twitter continues to increase in popularity, integrating Twitter and DNN Blog (including SunBlogNuke) will likely continue to become more common. This post isn’t really a tutorial, but it does give the code that you need to add a “retweet” link or button to your blog.

3) Schedule Your Posts Ahead of Time in SunBlogNuke

Have you ever seen a blogger mention how important it is to schedule posts ahead? This tutorial describes why  and demonstrates the ability to schedule posts ahead. It is actually quite easy!

4) Integrate with Window Live Writer

You know, the window live writer is so great for post management of web blog that "SunBlogNuke" had supported this killer feature natively. Here you will learn to set up your WLW to post to your blog in some minutes. Also you may would like to Extended Entries Support for SunBlog in WLW.

5) Retrieve lightbox effect for some big pictures of your post

Maybe you do not know some excellent built-in features within SunBlogNuke, like integration with facebox plugin. This tutorial covers the process of applying lightbox effect for showing more big and clear presentation in your post.

6) Optimize your post footers with author profiles

The tutorial provides you with the ability to show off the avatar, the biography with Ultimate DNN Blog Module - SunBlogNuke on your DNN website.

7) Launch a showcase gallery for your dnn website

If you are interested in launching a showcase gallery within dnn-based website, just install our ultimate dnn blog module and it'll have your website up with a excellent showcase gallery in a snap with interactive features. Please refer to the post Transfer Showcase Gallery with SunBlogNuke.

8) How to make your blog more personal, inviting, and enjoyable with DNN Core Localization

This tutorial shared some awesome ways to customize your blog with magic enhancement, which is more easy ways to fix your requirement at once.

9) Show random testimonial with featured widget

In this guide we walked through some simple steps to showcase random testimonials in action with our featured widget of Ultimate DNN Blog Module - SunBlogNuke. Hopefully these will give you some ideas for use in your own dnn website when you are using our dnn blog module.

10) Develop your customized and maintainable theme easily and quickly

Don’t just limit yourself to the typical blog style format. Please learn how to develop a customized theme quickly and easily within Ultimate DNN Blog Module – SunBlogNuke from this tutorial.

In Summary

Performing these simple tips can greatly improve your dnn blog and eventually makes blogging become so easy. Later we will continue to release more tutorials in our team blog, please stay tuned and feel free to comment below you have more questions related with those tips or our blog modules.

Enjoy blogging and good writing! :)

What is SunBlogNuke?

SunBlogNuke is the enhanced and ultimate publishing tool on the DotNetNuke(DNN) platform with a focus on simplicity, ease of extendibility, web standards and usability, which includes a highly extreme suite of modules for blogging on your DNN site.

Getting started

If you’re new to SunBlogNuke or interested in upgrading then take a look at the post (Getting Started with SunBlogNuke for Your DNN Blog) that shows you how easy it is.