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Some tips and tricks about dnn module developement, including our blog module - SunBlogNuke.

Fighting DNN Bugs: All Handlers Not Work

Fighting DNN Bugs: All Handlers Not Work

As you know, currently DNN is growing bigger than what you expected and the latest version is 7.2 building with lots of awesome features. However, in my opinion, we encountered more and more problems in the same time – tons of versions with tons of existing bugs to be fixed. More frustrating things are that some bugs exists cross DNN4-DNN7 and still not fixed now even though they are created into issue tracker.  Well, if they are ignored with the official guys, let us check them out and address some workaround to fix them forever or temporarily. Today we get started to build a series of posts and share how we fighting DNN bugs these years :(

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Schedule DNN Posts Ahead of Time in SunBlogNuke

Have you ever seen a blogger mention how important it is to schedule posts ahead? You know that there is a certain time in a day when each site gets its most amount of users or maybe you are going for a one week vacation, but you don’t want to abandon your blog. How do you fix these problems? Now it is generally a good idea to have a few posts scheduled ahead in case those things come up. If you are a SunBlogNuke user, you might not know that you have the ability to schedule posts ahead. It is actually quite easy! In addition to scheduling posts ahead, you can use old dates if you want your post to be dated sometime in the past.

Here is how to schedule your posts to be published at a different time and/or date:

  1. Begin to write your post via edit post panel or WLW client tool. scheduling-post
  2. Go to where it says PublishDate on the bottom of the Options section and adjust the time/date to reflect when you would like your post to be published. You will want to verify that your blog’s time is set up correctly to ensure the post appears when you want it to.
  3. Click "Save & Publish" action button to publish the post.
  4. The post will now appear in the Manage posts panel, but will not show on your site until the designated date/time. Yes, if you configure it into the past, it will post right away and show the designated date/time.

This is a useful way to keep a few posts saved for a rainy day or to keep content showing up if an illness puts you out of commission for a while. You can also experiment with posting times to see what works best for you and your readers. It is more important for SEO if there exists scheduled posts in your website. Google love website and blog with continuous post and updates. If you are posting more then 8 post a day and then for the next few days no post, You are actually hurting your website authority and page rank. With scheduling you can keep your blog running and your blog will never run out of the post. Maybe you should know the fact that Schedule your Posts for the Best Success.

Good luck and happy writing.

The SunBlogNuke team

Feature Related Posts with Thumbnails on DNN Blog

Related Posts in dnn blog module

Today I would like to show you one alternative way to feature related posts on your dnn blog. That is a external plugin [LinkWithin]. You should know most blogging platforms now feature a number of third-party plugins that can display a list of related stories on your blog, or even on other blogs on the Internet. Typically, these plugins will look at how a story was tagged and then display a short list of similar stories that use the same keywords. LinkWithin is the newest contender in this market. The plugin looks at tags, but it also analyzes other factors like relevancy, popularity, and recency. Unlike similar plugins, however, LinkWithin doesn't just display a list of headlines underneath each post, but also a thumbnail with a picture from each post, which makes it far more attractive than most of its competitors and is why I recommend it for you here.

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Improved DNN Blog Traffic with Social Sharing


As the most popular #DNN #Blog #Module, SunBlogNuke would like to build better user experience for your blog writing & shared actions. Also clients ever raised issue that the bookmark configure looks little difficulty and no idea how to make it work. Fortunately, the SunBlogNuke v5.0 simplify the settings configure without losing flexibility.

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Flickr to DNN Blog Module - SunBlogNuke

Our Ultimate DNN Blog Module – SunBlogNuke can be integrated with third-party services via the MetaWeblog API and RSD (Really Simple Discoverability), like Flickr and Posterous. Recently our client Tyler just completed integration with Flickr and also contribute a awesome tutorial for us, in which you will learn how to add blog posts directly from your Flickr account and share a Photo Slideshow into your dnn blog. Now we would like to share it for our community, which you can access from the download page, and hope it makes sense when you are trying to do the same thing but not any clues. In a word, I though that it is awesome gift for us. With the contributed guideline, we would be happy to thank him with a two month extension on his license's access to support and updates. We encourage any sharing for our module because they will be helpful in our community.  If you have more tricks and tips about SunBlogNuke, please share it here or contribute it to us. If necessary, you can get the same prize. :)

PS: we just released one new Flickr feed widget for DNN blog page and you may be interested in it. Please feel free to download it and have a try if you are our license account.

How to Migrate DNN Blog Data of SunBlogNuke

Migrate DNN Blog Data

From 2002 DotNetNuke built from scratch, until now there are indeed LOTS of DotNetNuke versions, which had made everyone headache with DNN modules/skins maintenance. :(

Luckily, there still are more or less benefits to play with DNN because it exposed a few flexible APIs to make our life better, such as IPortable interface makes data migration easily and quickly between different DNN environments. Today I would like to show how to migrate blog data of SunBlogNuke, for example, from older version to latest fresh installation.

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Enhance DNN Article Footers with Author Profiles

There are some awesome ways to optimize your post footers, like related articles, subscription options, and social bookmarking icons allow readers to browse and share your content. Today I would like to share another ways you may be also interested in, display the author information at the bottom of each post. The following tutorial will provide you with the ability to show off the avatar, the biography with Ultimate DNN Blog Module - SunBlogNuke on your DNN website.

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How to Set up Paging for Content Slider Plus

active dnn paging

Today we would like to share with you "How to Set up Paging for Content Slider Plus". That’s exactly  the issue raised by our clients in the forum because we did not implement the built-in paging feature in both content slider widgets. The original aims of both widgets was to build content slider with a list of posts, like latest posts or featured posts and also to retrieve top x posts to show in the list view or slider view. Further, because of the highly configurable design, you can even add some "Content Slider Plus" magic yourself without too much effort. Let us go ahead with putting Active Paging on to your dnn “Content Slider Plus".

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Alternative Monthly List for DNN Blog Archives


In common, the most important feature for blog platform is its usability so that your reader can get what they want easily. In order to keep your blog clutter-free, you must pay more attentions on your blog’s design, such as the sidebar content & widgets. Today I would like to share you some tips & tricks about monthly archives widget of Ultimate DNN Blog Module - SunBlogNuke. You will learn alterative awesome to display monthly archives list with usability.

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Publish DNN Blog Posts with Office Word 2010 & 2007

microsoft-wordThis post was summarized with the original forum post "Post Blog Entries from Office 2010".

As you know, our dnn blogging module – SunBlogNuke supports the remote 3rd-party publishing tool, in other words, you can use a third-party Desktop/Mobile application for your dnn blog which we call it “Remote Posting”. Microsoft Office 2010 is one of remote Posting app with just a few simple steps. It indeed makes publishing a blog post so easy that you might just be in total amazement. Please refer to the tutorial for more instruction - How To Create and Publish Blog Posts in Word 2010 & 2007. And some following notes you should know:

1) Connecting SunBlogNuke with Microsoft Office 2010/2007, you need to fill in the "Blog Post Url" with the link "". Just replace "domain" with your real domain name.
2) Unfortunately, Microsoft Word still doesn’t let you add things like tags, custom fields, SEO options, etc; so it is probably a good idea to choose the Publish As Draft option so that you can add those things and then publish from your blog.

In the end, we would like to let you know that actually we prefer to use Window Live Writer as remote publishing tool and it supplies more flexible features :)

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