Actually the post is overdue and it might exactly be a demonstrate. I got those extreme DNN Architecture Design Diagram from irob’s blog (Please refer to the original post  DotNetNuke Architecture Diagram). In the mean time, I would like to show you how to apply the built-in lightbox(or facebox) feature of SunBlogNuke module for your images when you are blogging. That is a awesome feature you may be missing. Next I will complete a detailed tutorial to share how to utilize the killer feature when you want to show more big and clear presentation in the post.

Old DNN Architecture Design Diagram:(Zoom it with clicking):

old dnn architecture

New DNN Architecture Design Diagram:(Zoom it with clicking)

DotNetNuke Architecture

PS: A new visual overview of DotNetNuke intended to give newcomers to the platform a quick understanding of DotNetNuke, which got from the post DotNetNuke Visual Overview:

New DotNetNuke Visual Architecture