With SunBlogNuke v2.4.9, we had enhanced the featured widget(called "Content Slider Widget" in the latest package, too) module for more scenes, like the latest posts or top posts. This is a really nice way to help internal linking in your site and a great way to make sure that your older, but more popular posts continue to receive plenty of internal link love to keep them ranking in the search engines. In the mean time, it supports more customizations.


By the enhanced widget module, you will can include a "Recent Posts section" in your sidebar or your landing home page. That provides an at-a-glance index for your latest posts. Especially if you write long posts, the recent posts section allows readers to see what you’ve been up to without scrolling down a lengthy page.

Also you can include Top Viewed Posts section. You know that once your classic posts leave the home page, they’re often buried in your site. Like displaying trophies on a mantle, showcasing your classic posts allows more readers to find and enjoy them. Together with the core related post feature, your readers will get the more information from your blog and doing so can increase the page views per reader.

It’s now very easy to do this yourself. Here’s how to apply it:

1) Add the "Featured Entries Widget"(called "Content Slider Widget" in the latest package, too) module in the sidebar of your blog.

2) The module will show the default settings with your recent posts but you have more controls to customize your layout and view mode. Please select the "Render Settings" from the left top menu to enter the widget settings panel. The options are pretty clear – here’s the screenshots as follows:


3) Just configure your customized settings and click "update" to apply it. That’s all. :)

Good luck and happy writing.

The SunBlogNuke team