Fighting DNN Bugs: All Handlers Not WorkAs you know, currently DNN is growing bigger than what you expected and the latest version is 7.2 building with lots of awesome features. It is indeed a great environment for us, no matter who you are, skin designers, developers or clients. However, in my opinion, we encountered more and more problems in the same time – tons of versions with tons of existing bugs to be fixed. As module developers, we also have to help clients find out why our DNN products/modules not work again – actually it may be caused by a bug of DNN core framework in most time. Yes, that is the price we deserved after choosing DotNetNuke platform but it looks so big :(

I also mentioned that the latest buildings were rated so low currently in this post [Why vote so low for DNN7 release?]. Here we would like to advice that the DNN Corp should address which versions/building is what we trust more or worth to deploy in the production environment. For example, tell us 4.9.x is the best version in DNN5, 5.x is the valuable version in DNN5 …

More frustrating things are that some bugs exists cross DNN4-DNN7 and still not fixed now even though they are created into issue tracker.  Well, if they are ignored with the official guys, let us check them out and address some workaround to fix them forever or temporarily.

Today we would like to share the bug is about handlers, including files with ".ashx, .aspx" extension to implement customized/separate features in the module or core framework. The profilepic.ashx is the common one of those handlers and its feature is to render avatar of every current users in the right-top section.

How to reproduce this bug:

  1. Add a new page,  called "Contact" in the sample.
  2. Go to the page setting of "Home" page, configure link option and make it redirect the "Home" page to "Contact".
  3. If you look at your database, check out the table called "Tabs" and you should have the Id of the "Contact" page in the column called "Url" of row "Home".
  4. With this configuration, now all .ashx/.aspx files doesn't work.

How to fix it:

Well, the simple workaround is that NEVER implement the same requirement. Haha

Alternatively you can modify the url rewriter module but it looks difficulty for more guys. If we have time, we will share you more in the latest post. If you have any question please feel free share it in the comment. Thanks.

Resources links:

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