Here I would like to share how to fix the culture issue for DNN and our blog module [SunBlogNuke]. Hope it can helps someone who has the same issue. All right, let’s go ahead the topic.

What is the Culture issue?

When there is only one language in your DNN website, like the initial installation, the culture and language dropdown list may be blank. For example you can find the issue in [Site Settings] panel or edit blog panel in our DNN blog module [SunBlogNuke]. Take a look at the following screenshots:



If you let the above list blank, you can’t save or update your web and blog settings. The DNN system will throw annoying exception but you can’t do anything. Fortunately, we can help you out today and you just have to follow some simple steps.

How to solve it?

  1. Enter the language panel from Admin Menu.
  2. Click the “Edit Language” into the "Edit Language” Panel as follows:


  3. Please check the Enabled Option and that’s done. So easy.


    Note: if there not exist any language item in step 2, you just need to enter the edit panel, select some specific language and follow the step 3.

  4. Check out your Site Settings and it should be filled with the languages you had checked in step 3. Congratulations.