Recently some clients ran into issues connecting our dnn blog module with Window Live Writer at the first time: got an error dialog saying as follows:

wlw issue with dnn blog module 

I think we need to clarify it and let you our clients understand some basic concepts more clearly about SunBlogNuke module. In common, you may have to install SunBlogNuke module with Host account and build your blog in the same time. However the blog user is not initiated when you created it with host account, in other words, there is not any blog user in the created blog when host account initially built it. If you tried to connect Window Live Writer with host account, the error dialog will be there and prompt "No Blogs Found on Server" meaning "you do not have currently have an active blog".

In order to fix the account issue above, you should assign blog with other existing users in your dnn website but not host account. The blog users is those who related with some specific blogs and they may be in the authors role or editor role. You can manage them in the User Panel which you can access in your blog Admin Panel. Please note that the host account owns all the permissions but he is not a blog user and connect your blog with Window Live Writer. Now take a look  at the following screenshots about user grids and assign user process:

user grid in dnn blog module

assign blog user process for SunBlogNuke

When the assign process is done, just connect your blog with the blog user in the Window Live Writer and the error should not occur any more.

If you have more questions please feel free to let us know or post it in our support forum.