Goals and Resolutions for Ultimate DNN Blog Module – SunBlogNuke

To all of you who are our clients and follow Ultimate DNN Blog Module – SunBlogNuke , I wish you the happiness and success during 2010.  I hope that 2010 finds you in good health and full of happiness.

What are your goals and resolutions for this coming year? What are your dreams? What do you hope to accomplish with your DNN website or in your business in general? Here I would like to share us that my goals and resolutions for 2010 are mainly about our Ultimate Blog Module –SunBlogNuke for DotNetNuke CMS:

  1. More improvements, optimizations and customizations
  2. Get the official website SunBlogNuke recognized/known
  3. Provide more tutorials and documents for our clients
  4. Build our own community and hope it will established trust and a deep sense of connection with our clients
  5. Provide great supports and feedback for our products

Next we will post a detailed roadmap about our Ultimate Blog Module –SunBlogNuke in the new year. Please stay tuned and request your expected features. :)