Why social bookmark/sharing so important?

If you ever read anything about getting traffic to blogs you will be told thousands of times that you need to get your blog in as many social networks as possible. Indeed, social bookmark buttons on blog are very important for the growth of the blog and has some critical benefits for any blog or any website.

1) Get your blog indexed quicker by the search engines, for example, if your blog post shared with Google+ circle, it will be crawled and indexed quickly by Google.

2) It builds an audience of visitors which find your content useful in your niche, which provide target traffic to your website. Then targeted traffic will lead to returning visitors, RSS subscribers and more followers on social networking sites.

How to build bookmark widget in DNN Blog - SunBlogNuke?

As the most popular #dnn #blog #module, SunBlogNuke would like to build better user experience for your blog writing & shared actions. Also clients ever raised issue that the bookmark configure looks little difficulty and no idea how to make it work. Fortunately, the SunBlogNuke v5.0 simplify the settings configure without losing flexibility. Here let us go through this process step by step:

1) Switch to "Reading" tab of settings control panel of your blog.

2) Find out "Social Bookmarking" option, where you find it out like that:


3) Configure above as follows:

  • [Active] - specify whether you would like to show social bookmark widget in your post detail view; in common, it is placed in the bottom of the post content but you can customize with the theme view. For example, you can build your own customized social bookmark in the theme level as covered in the this tutorial.
  • [1st textbox] - it is optional and if you don’t like the default social buttons system provided, you can build your own html tags for social bookmark widget, for example, you can create your own custom sharing widget with following 3 simple steps in ShareThis service(the default option - 'Website'). In the last step, you should get the some codes there and copy the html span tags into 1st text here.
  • [2nd textbox] - like the 1st textbox, just fill in script code here. It is optional and let it blank means that there is not any external scripts with your own social sharing widget.

4) Click "Save settings" to make those options work.

PS: from v5.7 building, this 'social bookmarking' option also supports well with AddThis service and you can configure it similarly like ShareThis mentioned above.

That is all and if you configure all well, the social sharing widget should work like a charm. Take a look at how it actions in the bottom of this current post.

If you have any good advice about our #dnn module products, please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email.

Blog your way and enjoy life. :)