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Integrated GalleryPlus with built-in search

Integrated GalleryPlus with built-in search

Just update GalleryPlus module with #DNN built-in search, which was introduced from DNN7.1+. The latest package of GalleryPlus is v3.1 version.

And some useful links with DNN core search architectures and capability:

Search Done Right in DNN

Integrating with Search – Introducing ModuleSearchBase

Free & Customizable DNN Blog Widget – Photo Viewer Gallery

Today our team released a new optional widget (named 'Photo Viewer Widget') for Ultimate DNN Blog Module – #SunBlogNuke. If you are the client of our module and finding some similar stuffs, that is yours and feel free to get it from widget page (Required Login). It is free, customizable image gallery. It allows you to display the thumbnail of your blog posts on any dnn website in a professional and intuitive way.  Take a look at the screenshot below:

showcase gallery

The customizable image viewing widget is based on popular and awesome component – SimpleViewer. Initially the widget was inspired by our showcase gallery and we would like to provide the alternative way to present those excellent websites with their thumbnails.

Then we made some searches in Google and finally got that SimpleViewer is what we want. It is so lightweight and easy to use, it features smart preloading, a resizable interface, thumbnail menu and optional description text. The only thing is that we need to load gallery xml data from our showcase gallery. That should be so easy. Then I took 2 hours to program it with retrieving all the target posts with their thumbnails and provide some basic options for customizing the personation of flash component .

All look great. Please visit the case-studies page to see how it actions.

Note that its minimal required environment is DNN v5.x and SunBlogNuke v4.2.5 and  it is not core widget so we may not support all the possible issues. You can extend it as you want due to the available source code, such as category select support.

Also feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions here if you indeed would like to let us make it more awesome and we may enhance it for you. In the latest version we will integrated it with Flickr Gallery. That will make it look more awesome.

Fancy Lightbox Gallery inside DNN Blog

Fancy ligntbox gallery

In common, you can build the awesome blog post with some media files, and sometimes you would like to share lots of images with your friends. Yes, you want to build an album with those images in the blog post content. But it looks difficulty to incorporate display for larger images, which under normal situations would break the layout of this site. It will save lots of our time if there is some way to automatically organized images with clean & elegant layout and we just copy/insert images into Rich-Editor or WLW.

Congratulations. The "Fancy Gallery" extension is the exact tool for your dnn blog. And it is another extension for Ultimate DNN Blog Module – SunBlogNuke. You just feel free to add your images and this extension will do the rest for you – automatically convert them into one fancy gallery with lightbox effect.

10+ DNN Image Gallery/Slider Tutorials

As you know, jQuery image galleries and sliders are very popular these days and found on many many websites, including those ones based on DNN CMS. There are several interesting use cases for image/content sliders, however I think it is most common to use them on the front page to showcase featured articles, latest blog posts or products. Unfortunately, there are so lots lots of free jQuery plugins & premium DNN slider modules available that you no idea which is the best & worthwhile. In this post we’ll see tutorials that can provide you with the resources showing you how image gallery/sliders can be created from ground up for your dnn websites.

Premier DNN Article/News Module - SunBlogNuke v5.2

I hope everyone is having a good morning! Today we are glad that SunBlogNuke v5.2 is available for free upgrade, which is totally compatible with new generation DotNetNuek 6.2. Following the social trend of dnn core framework, we also embraced Social Networking features and implemented social aware application with SunBlogNuke. In this building, we introduced lots of bigger changes, such as implemented "Post Thumbnail" feature & integration with our brand new gallery module - GalleryPlus, supported Open Graph meta tags & more popular social services, added ability to tweet your post status etc. Now let us dive into details about those fantastic changes.

Ultra DNN Photos Module – Gallery Plus

If you are finding a highlight solution to display pictures on your DNN website, the Gallery Plus module will be exactly what you need. It is ultra photo gallery framework built on top of DotNetNuke(DNN) platform. The aim is to simplify the process of creating professional image galleries and slideshows for the dnn website.  Out of the box, you can manage your albums & photos; plus feel free to build your own customized interface by lots of external resources without any complicated code, such as any jQuery gallery & slider plugin you can find.

Transfer Showcase Gallery with SunBlogNuke

Today we demonstrated the DNN Blog Module case study here and would like to let us know that actually you also build the gallery with SunBlogNuke, like wordpress. With SunBlogNuke, our showcase gallery owns more killer features, especially Web 2.0, like tags, facebox effect, social bookmark etc. Also with Window Live Writer integration, we are able to manage those showcase posts easily and efficiently. Please let us show you how it action.

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