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How to write your post of SunBlog with Window Live Writer?

Updated: This post was out of date and please refer to the new tutorial here - Integrated with Window Live Writer.

In the last two posts, we had described how to install, configure and use the "SunBlog" module in DotNetNuke(DNN) platform. Here we will continue to tell you how to write your post of "SunBlog" with Window Live Writer(WLW). You know, the Window Live Writer is so great for post management of web blog that "SunBlog" had supported this killer feature natively. And another reason is that editing a long blog post in the FCK editor is painful.  Anyone who has ever lost a blog post because of a login timeout knows just how painful it truly can be. I spend an hour or more writing my blog posts and to have it just disappear is enough to make you cry. Ok, if you haven't yet set up your WLW to post to your blog, now let us go ahead. It's really easy. Here's the simple steps below:

  1. Start WLW, and progress through the first couple of steps, indicating you already have a blog, and that it's with 'Another Blog Service'.
  2. Enter your blog URL and user account which related with your blog.
  3. Select "MetaWeblog API" as the type of weblog.
  4. Enter your Blog Posting Url: this is pretty easy to get. The default Url for SunBlog Should be "" (Replaced with "" in v2.3.6 or "" in latest version). Please make sure that you replace the "" with your actual website domain.

After doing this, you should be good to blog!

Good luck blogging!

The ultimate content workflow platform :: SunBlogNuke

SunBlog logoSince the version 2.4.x, we have enhance SunBlog greatly and try to make it as a ultimate content workflow platform. So we have updated the new installation guide for the new SunBlog. It will be easier and quicker for your life.

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[Kudos] Fantastic module resolving all the issues I had with the standard DNN blog

SunBlog is a fantastic module, resolving all the issues I had with the standard DNN blog. It is feature rich and has a fast, friendly administration interface. I wish more DNN modules were built to this standard. The author was also very quick to provide answers to the few questions I had.

Andrew Bartle(

Welcome to SunBlog Platform

If you see this entry it means that SunBlogNuke is running well and the settings are configured correctly.


1) Basic usage of the SunBlog module
2) How to write your post of SunBlog with Window Live Writer?

Assign Contributors

The SunBlogNuke supports multiple authors for the same blog, so if you are a blog owner, you can assign contributors permission to any existing user which will can manage the blog with you together. The contributors will own the related permissions, i.e post entry, create category etc.

On the web

You can find SunBlogNuke on the official website. Here you will find tutorials, documentation, tips and tricks and much more.

Good luck and happy writing.

The SunBlogNuke team

[Kudos] Excellent support, easy to configure and setup

This product is excellent for the following reasons.

  1. Support was very fast, answered my questions in about 1hr.
  2. The product was easy to configure and setup.
  3. I use windows live writter and setup was easy.
  4. Finally a blog engine that looks professional with web 2.0 features.

We love it!!!


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