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Important Fixed Version 4.7.2 for SunBlogNuke

Today we would like to release the important fixed version 4.7.2 for Ultimate DNN Blog Module – SunBlogNuke, which included urgent  fixes , such as exception "attempted to divide by zero" threw  when adding module into page and it raised in the community forum here - Divide by Zero Error. Also we enhanced Content Slider Widget with ability to support customized property value of the dnn core profile for Author entity in the CSW, like [AUTHOR:Website]. Importantly we supplied a new solution to avoid multiple jQuery conflict issue when other modules also included jQuery framework and fixed threaded comments broken in the "_default" theme.  As usual, the complete details for all of the changes can be found in the Release Notes.

More exciting is that the next generation of SunBlogNuke v5+ have been on road, which will be done with DNN6 release available. It will take advantage of all the benefits of the latest dnn core framework. So here we announced that the upcoming v5.0 will not support dnn4 any more because it will utilize lots of core APIs introduced from DNN5+, such as Taxonomy. You don’t have to be worry if you are still using the dnn4. Meanwhile we will also maintain the older version 4.x compatible with dnn4.  Please stay tune :)

Major Highlights in v4.7.2:

  • ENH - Supported customized property value of the dnn core profile for Author entity in the CSW, like [AUTHOR:Website].
  • ENH - Added auto-ping service for trackback requests.
  • ENH - Excluded handlers from web.config, which introduced lots of problems with complex dnn environment.
  • FIX - Multiple jQuery conflict issue when other modules also included jQuery framework.
  • FIX - Threw exception (attempted to divide by zero) when adding module into page.
  • FIX - Threaded comments broken in the "_default' theme.
  • FIX - Datetime token tags, such as 'PublishedDate', not resolved correctly in the CSW.
  • FIX - 'Alternate Feed Url' meta tag not show.
  • Lots of fixes & customizations.

NOTE: As with any release, we recommend you perform a complete file and database backup before performing any upgrade on a production website and that you first conduct a trial upgrade on a staging version of the site. Following these guidelines will ensure that you are able to recover should any unforeseen problems arise during the upgrade process.

Note that some issues may occur if your original version of SunBlogNuke is lower version, like 3.x, and you've developed your customized theme. Please refer to the tutorial - Must-Read Note for SunBlogNuke v4.x and follow the instructions. Hope it makes sense.

You can get it here. Blog your way and enjoy life. :)

The SunBlogNuke Team

A Quick Patch for SunBlogNuke v4.0 – 4.2

Updated: Please upgrade to v4.2.5 (Fixed Version 4.2.5 for SunBlogNuke Available Now) with fixing the issue mentioned below.

If you are focusing on our Ultimate DNN Blog Module – SunBlogNuke, you should know that some release v4.x (the latest version is 4.2 until now) are available with LOTS of awesome features, such as threaded comment and custom fields. If you have missed those so cool things please visit our website for more details.  Today we would like to release a quick patch for fix issue where the Flashy Rotating 3D Tag Cloud Widget disappear and you should find the issue when you click to “View All Tag” from the TagCloud Widget. Please follow up some simple steps below:

  1. Download the patch from here, unzip it in the local machine and you should find the fixed script file blog.common.js.
  2. Find out the JavaScript folder - $YourRoot/DesktopModules/SunBlog/js.
  3. Replace the original one with the patch file – blog.common.js.

Note that you need to backup the original one at first. Hope it makes sense.

Blog your way and enjoy life. :)

The SunBlogNuke Team

Awesome Upcoming DNN Blog Feature: Threaded Comments

Now we have been busy wrapping up development of the next version of the Blog module (4.1.0) and I would like to get some of the most pressing features included with this release, like import external blog data with blogML format (you can find more details about it in that post – Migrating from WordPress to DNN Blog). Here I prefer to share another awesome blog feature – threaded (nested) comment, which is included in the roadmap of Ultimate DNN Blog Module – SunBlogNuke and also lots of clients request from the time our blogging module born.  Have a look at how it actions below:

Threaded Comments in SunBlogNuke

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