It is free, customizable image gallery. It allows you to display your images of the post on any dnn website in a professional and intuitive way.  Take a look at the screenshot below:

showcase gallery

The customizable image viewing widget is based on popular and awesome component – SimpleViewer. Initially the widget was inspired by our showcase gallery and we would like to provide the alternative way to present  those excellent websites with their thumbnails. Then we made some searches in Google and finally got that SimpleViewer is what we want. It is so lightweight and easy to use, it features smart preloading, a resizable interface, thumbnail menu and optional description text. The only thing is that we need to load gallery xml data from our showcase gallery. That should be so easy. Then I took 2 hours to program it with retrieving all the target posts with their thumbnails and provide some basic options for customizing the personation of flash component . All look great. Please visit the page to see how it actions.

Note that it is not core widget so we may not support  all the possible issues. You can extend it as you want due to the available source code, such as category select support. Also feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions here if you indeed would like to let us make it more awesome and we may enhance it for you. In the latest version we will integrate it with Flickr Gallery. That will be more awesome. :)

Good luck and happy writing.

The SunBlogNuke team