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Home/Ultimate DNN Blog Module :: SunBlogNuke/Support Issues/Sunblog - Blog Comments Take a Long Time to Post.
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2/6/2016 12:06 AM
We are having an issue with it taking 1.5 - 2 minutes for a comment to post on a blog.  This issue is occurring for all comments that are posted.

From the point the "Submit Comment" button is clicked and the "Loading, please wait." dialog is displayed, it takes anywhere from 1.5 to 2 minutes for the "Loading..." dialog to close. Once completed the comment is available for moderation.

We also noticed that after clicking the "Submit Comment" button, if we waited a second or 2 and then clicked the browser "refresh" button (F5), the page refreshed and the comment was available.

Not sure what is going on or causing the "Loading, please wait." dialog to remain on the screen.

This issue is only occurring in our production environment.  Our test/dev environment the comments post quickly.  Our production environment is not over burdened in any way.

DNN Version: 7.03.03
Sunblog Version: 6.0.0

Any info that may help resolve this issue and/or help us debug this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

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2/6/2016 12:20 AM

The comment submit process applied with ajax call so you can debug it via Firefox or Chrome develop tool. Alternatively you can upgrade the latest package and check out whether this issue gone. Hope it helps.

Ultimate DNN Blog Module - SunBlogNuke
New Post
2/9/2016 3:33 AM

We uninstalled and re-installed the Sunblog module and things are much better.

We have comment moderation turned on, and we do notice better performance if we do not send any emails to the moderator for posted comments. If we enable emailing the moderator on posts, it is noticeably slower but not anywhere as bad as it was before we uninstalled/reinstalled.

That being said, "Approving" moderated comment posts is also a very slow process. Will post up a separate thread on this one.


Home/Ultimate DNN Blog Module :: SunBlogNuke/Support Issues/Sunblog - Blog Comments Take a Long Time to Post.
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