microsoft-wordThis post was summarized with the original forum post "Post Blog Entries from Office 2010".

As you know, our dnn blogging module – SunBlogNuke supports the remote 3rd-party publishing tool, in other words, you can use a third-party Desktop/Mobile application for your dnn blog which we call it “Remote Posting”. Microsoft Office 2010 is one of remote Posting app with just a few simple steps. It indeed makes publishing a blog post so easy that you might just be in total amazement. Please refer to the tutorial for more instruction - How To Create and Publish Blog Posts in Word 2010 & 2007. And some following notes you should know:

1) Connecting SunBlogNuke with Microsoft Office 2010/2007, you need to fill in the "Blog Post Url" with the link "". Just replace "domain" with your real domain name.
2) Unfortunately, Microsoft Word still doesn’t let you add things like tags, custom fields, SEO options, etc; so it is probably a good idea to choose the Publish As Draft option so that you can add those things and then publish from your blog.

In the end, we would like to let you know that actually we prefer to use Window Live Writer as remote publishing tool and it supplies more flexible features :)