Hello, I hope everyone has been having a good weekend! 

It's been a few weeks since my last post, and although we don't quite have any releases to tell you about yet, everyone here at our team has been working very hard on updates to Ultimate DNN Blog Module – SunBlogNuke.  We are as anxious to release new features as you are to have them, but our goal is to never sacrifice quality for speed. In the mean time, we appreciate your patience!

Now I would like to gladly inform you that we made a quick update for the fixed version 3.5.8 SunBlogNuke. This version includes some minor fixes like rolling back the option [SupportFormat] for Content Slider Widget, fixing the embed tag issue and fixing issue where post count not correct showing in monthly archive view. Those issues may exist in the v3.5.x and we recommend that you have better to upgrade for fixing them in your website.

You can get it here. Enjoy blogging and good writing! :)

The SunBlogNuke Team