Speed Up DNN Publishing Tool v6.1 with Better Performance

Today we are glad to announce that SunBlogNuke v6.1 is available to free upgrade. It looks a long time without any updates from our team, however, don’t worry about this project and we are still paying lots of attentions on developing better software/products for you and it will be never dead :)

As more and more websites built by SunBlogNuke, our clients not only focused on the efficiency and better usability but also asked more requests about the performance of this publishing tool. Indeed it is time to speed up another performance action. We reviewed the performance of all the store procedures with SQL Server Profiler and invested where it was running slow and why. In the process, we built accurate iteration to fix them with running lots of testing. Even through we may missed something else,  there had been no sacrifice of quality and stability in the SunBlogNuke product and we assured you that the SunBlogNuke v6.1 will be speeded up in your DotNetNuke website.

Why not have a try? Get started now.

Major Highlights in v6.1:
Min DotNetNuke version required: v6.0.0

  • ENH - SQL optimizations with better performance, mainly for default blog view and Content Slider Widget.
  • ENH - supported new tokens "DigNum" and "BuryNum" for post entity.
  • FIX - upgrade issue from "4.8.0" to "6.0" caused by SQL script.
  • FIX - approved/rejected links always show when posting new comment.
  • FIX - date time not referring to the preferred timezone of every current user any more.
  • FIX - email notification not delivered when new comment posted.
  • FIX - threw exception when aggregate feed based on portal level.

If you are applying upgrade process, please BACK UP YOUR CHANGES BEFORE PROCEEDING and follow up the suggested upgrade path: v2.1->v5.2->v6.0+.

NOTE: from v6.0 the SunBlogNuke will begin to not support DotNetNuke 5.x any more because it will utilize core APIs introduced from DNN6+, such as daylight savings time. If you are still using the dnn5, you don’t have to be worry about it because we will also maintain independent branch of the older version 5.8.x, which will always be compatible with dnn5 and may be updated with fixes without new features any more.

You can get it here. We hope that with this generation dnn blog module you can enjoy the blog writing and it will make your life better; plus if you have any good advice about our products, please feel free to leave a comment or contact us.

The SunBlogNuke Team