After the acquisition of Active Modules by DNN (formerly DotNetNuke) Corp, the position of original Forum module had been replaced by the Active Forums Module and the status of development looks stopping currently. No any updates or activity – in my opinion, it will be dead in the end later. Unfortunately, some our websites are still building by DNN Forum Module and we don’t want to switch it to Active Forums Module because its features are enough for us and changing will be a potential risk with time or more works.

Actually it may be a great opportunity to get started a totally new/customized project for DNN Forum. We just want to make it live always and are able to add new features or enhance some pending issues. Well, let us get ahead. We will launch the customized forum project in GitHub(DNN Core Framework had been moved to GitHub, as share in this post DNN Nightly Builds) and it will be Open Source Project always there.

Highlights in the initially building:

  • Added new theme called "FlatBlue" and made it as default theme.
  • Removed multiple post view and only thread detail view without paging.
  • Supported quick reply with Markdown format,
  • Clean UI/coding optimization, such as removing unnecessary table/tr/td tags.
  • Supported relative time to make it look friendly.
  • Fixed avatar issue when current user without any specific profile avatar - never upload it.
  • Fixed issue where meta description with line or whitespace.

You can take a look at how it action here – Forum Community for SunBlogNuke.

All right, if you want to have any thoughts about this topics, such as advices about this behavior, sponsor us with buying coffee for us, please feel free to let us know. Thanks a lot.

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