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Markdown Support with DNN Blog Posts

Markdown Support with DNN Blog Posts

Even if DNN known as best CMS in .net platform, plus some excellent WYSIWYG editors, such as CKEdior and RadEditor, it interrupts writing with some weird issues from time to time; WYSIWYG makes it easy to write poor HTML. So we try to find alternative instead of WYSIWYG Editor, a quicker, more efficient way to publish web texts.

Markdown mirrors HTML. When you write in Markdown you’re thinking about structure and meaning, not appearance. Quality control is easier in Markdown than WYSIWYG.

With best blogging module #SunBlogNuke, we will help you get started into the wonderful world of Markdown in DNN! Blogging your way and enjoy life. :)

Why vote so low for DNN7 release?

Why vote so low for DNN7 release

Actually everyone was looking forwards to DotNetNuke7, which should be equal to the so-called milestone, however, more expectations more disappointed. Let us take a look at the votes in codeplex – until today only average 2.8 rating with lots of lowest 1 star. In my opinion, that may be the lowest rating of all the releases before. Let’s make a discussion why it occurred and how we feel.

SunBlogNuke v5.6.2 works well with DNN7

SunBlogNuke v5.6.2 works well with DNN7

The SunBlogNuke team is excited to announce the final release of 5.6.2 today. This release mainly focused on fixes introduced by last version and also some enhancements. More exciting is that we completed some compatible testing on #DNN7 and it runs well. If you are still using older versions, we recommended that you should upgrade this stable package. Now let’s go through all the awesome highlights included in this buildings :)

Alternative Monthly List for DNN Blog Archives


In common, the most important feature for blog platform is its usability so that your reader can get what they want easily. In order to keep your blog clutter-free, you must pay more attentions on your blog’s design, such as the sidebar content & widgets. Today I would like to share you some tips & tricks about monthly archives widget of Ultimate DNN Blog Module - SunBlogNuke. You will learn alterative awesome to display monthly archives list with usability.

SunBlogNuke 5.0 Optimization & Better User Experience

sunblognuke v5 for dnn

Finally the SunBlogNuke 5.0 is available to free upgrade today and it will be first version of next generation blog optimized for DNN5 & DNN6. In this building we completed few critical performance optimizations with cache mechanism and enhanced admin panels with uniform UI for better user experience, for example, we provided a new dashboard, which allows you to see the both published and draft posts, categories, tags, and comments pending approval at a quick glance.

Major Highlights in v5.0:

  • ENH - Implemented paging control with better user experience.
  • ENH - Included dashboard panel with lots of awesome widgets, such as Statistics & Quick Press.
  • ENH - Optimized theme configure.
  • FIX - Bookmark not compatible with the latest 'sharethis' widget code.
  • FIX - Update failure on the configure 'Module Extension' panel due to invalid email address field.
  • FIX - Import bug with blogml - views & permalink not updated correctly.

NOTE: from v5.0 the SunBlogNuke will begin to not support dnn4 any more because it will utilize lots of core APIs introduced from DNN5+, such as Taxonomy. If you are still using the dnn4, you don’t have to be worry about it because we will also maintain independent branch of the older version 4.x, which will always be compatible with dnn4 and may be updated with fixes without new features any more.

You can get it here. We hope that with this generation dnn blog module  you can enjoy the blog writing and it will make your life better; plus if you have any good advice about our products, please feel free to leave a comment or contact us.

The SunBlogNuke Team

[Kudos] Intuitive, Easy to Learn and the Best User Interface Designs

I evaluated four blog modules for our site. SunBlogNuke v4 is intuitive, easy to setup, easy to learn all while being very powerful.  This is by far one of the best user interface designs you will find. A great value compared to others modules.

- Greg Johll

New Admin Area for SunBlogNuke

Thus far, SunBlogNuke has relied on the built-in support to allow Live Writer to manage posts.  This has worked out great so far and allowed us to focus on other area's of the system.  However, a CMS/Blog Engine isn't complete until it has a built-in, easily accessible administration area.

You can expect SunBlogNuke’s administration area to be heavily influenced from the core Forum module.  They've done such a great job on their administration that we are borrowing their best ideas. The screenshot show below:

New Admin Area for SunBlogNuke

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