When we were building the official website for Ultimate DNN Blog Module – SunBlogNuke, we would like to launch a showcase gallery for presenting some of the hundreds of thousands of websites built in or on our premier blog module. And it should include a lot of website snapshots, links with rating and comments features. Then we instinctively thought the repository module would be a awesome solution for that requirement. So we built the showcase gallery initially with the DotNetNuke Repository v3.1.15 and it indeed worked well as we expected. But when we converted the old domain sunblognuke.net with sunblognuke.com, it did not work again. In consideration of SunBlogNuke supported thumbnail feature we our team guys said that why not we utilize SunBlogNuke to re-launch the showcase gallery and that would be a small transfer process for us developers.

Later We just took a few hours to complete the data transfer. With SunBlogNuke, our showcase gallery owns more killer features, especially Web 2.0, like tags, facebox effect, social bookmark etc. Also with Window Live Writer integration, we are able to manage those showcase posts easily and efficiently.

Today we demonstrated the DNN Blog Module case study here and would like to let us know that actually you also build the gallery with SunBlogNuke, like wordpress. Maybe you will interested in some testimonials from our clients below:

SunBlogNuke brings WordPress-level blogging capabilities to DotNetNuke. I have only found one feature missing that I felt was important, and the developer added it practically overnight. I even have my blog integrated with several of third-party services via the MetaWeblog API. If you need a blog on your DNN site in a flash and the core module doesn't give you just what you need, then buy SunBlogNuke!

And I wrote a post about Goals and Resolutions for SunBlogNuke in the New Year a few days ago, which was inspired by Nicholas Cardot’s post and shared in the comments as follows:


At last, please visit the SunBlogNuke Showcase Sites Gallery to get it how to action.

What is SunBlogNuke?

SunBlogNuke is the enhanced and ultimate publishing tool on the DotNetNuke(DNN) platform with a focus on simplicity, ease of extendibility, web standards and usability, which includes a highly extreme suite of modules for blogging on your DNN site.

What is DotNetNuke Repository?

The DotNetNuke Repository is a rich module used for managing and displaying rich collections of images, files, links, etc. on your DNN site. Includes user rating, comments, template and skinning.