During Ultimate dnn blog module – SunBlogNuke installation, different problems may arise which pop-up frequently on the SunBlogNuke Support Forums and it may stop an installation dead in its tracks. The very common issue is that SunBlogNuke looks like have been installed successfully but the main module SunBlog is not included in the extension list. Take a look at the following screenshot:

Module Definition in the Extension List

Then if you would like to re-install it, lots of sql errors occur like that: SQL Execution resulted in following Exceptions: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Table 'SunBlog_Blogs' already has a primary key defined on it. Could not create constraint.

Okey, today I am attempting to cover solution for these issues and hope it makes sense while you are facing the same problems. In order to fix the installation issues, you just need to uninstall those existing widget modules firstly and then re-install it again with following those steps below:

1) Login in your dnn website with host account.

2) (Optional) Enter the module definition page from Host Menu. Uninstall the existing modules including SunBlog – Authors Widget and SunBlog – FeaturedEntries Widget which was renamed into "Content Slider Widget" in v3.4.

3) Enter SQL page from Host Menu. Unzip SunBlogNuke installation package, find out Uninstall.SqlDataProvider file ( which is placed in root folder in dnn 4.x package or in $root/Providers/DataProviders/SqlDataProvider folder) and open up it via notepad.

4) Select all, copy all the sql script and paste them into the SQL text box in SQL page. Then execute it with checking option [Run as Script] as follows:

Remove SunBlog Table via SQL Page

5) If your dnn website is DNN 5.x, copy the following sql and execute it with checking option [Run as Script]:

DELETE FROM {databaseOwner}{objectQualifier}Packages WHERE Name = 'SunBlog'

6) Now you can install it as any dnn standard module. If you did not execute the step 2), you must install it by checking the option ‘[Repair Install?]'.  Note that after installed you may need to manually make some modifies in the web.config.

     I) Add the handler if it not exists. Please find the httpHandlers element and add the line in the end as follows (Zooming it for more larger and clear view):

SunBlogNuke v3.x:

<add verb="*" path="MetaWeblog.aspx" type="DnnSun.SunBlogNuke.MetaWeblogAPI.MetaWeblog, DnnSun.Modules.SunBlogNuke" validate="false"/>

SunBlogNuke v4.+:

<add verb="*" path="MetaWeblog.aspx" type="SunBlogNuke.MetaWeblogAPI.MetaWeblog, SunBlogNuke.Core" validate="false"/>

Add the handler in web config

     II) Add the protocols for webServices if it not exists. Please find the element system.web and add the following lines in the end:

Add the protocols for webServices in web config

Okey, that is all.  Hope this tutorial helps you much.

For more obscure problems/errors, visit the SunBlogNuke Support Forums.