Today I am glad to announce that the latest version of Ultimate DNN Blog Module - SunBlogNuke v3.5.4 Release Candidate is available for free upgrade, which implemented some the high priority feature requests and fixed some urgent bugs. As usual, the complete details for all of the changes can be found in the Release Notes.

Major Highlights in v3.5.4

  • Fixed issue where draft posts appear in the archive post count.
  • Fixed issue where scheduled posts appear in the archive view.
  • Fixed issue where view count should exclude clicks from search engine crawlers and robots.
  • Enhanced Author Widget with template support which you configure in the widget settings like Content Slider Widget.
  • Supported search feature in post manage panel.
  • Supported blogid and current (EntryInfo) properties in post view model.
  • Added DashBoardZone widget which will provide better User Experience.
  • Added new fields [Slug], [MetaKeywords] & [MetaDescription] for SEO and provided you more control over how your content is recognized.
  • Supported convenient feature - the single-click approval emails for pending review comments.
  • Supported new option with which you can control the length of Auto-Generated Feed Summary.
  • Other small fixes & more customizations.

As with any release, we recommend you perform a complete file and database backup before performing any upgrade on a production website and that you first conduct a trial upgrade on a staging version of the site. Following these guidelines will ensure that you are able to recover should any unforeseen problems arise during the upgrade process.

When we released the SunBlogNuke v3.5.0 last week, some issues occurred in the upgrade process. Then we looked into the install package and found out the problem. It is because of their customized theme not compatible with the latest version as we came to the Conclusion in the post [Develop Your Customized Theme for DNN Blog Module]:

The benefits of developing customized theme is that you will not overwrite the modified design in the upgrade process. There may be some compatible issues with the latest version but it should not occur in common. Please note that if there exists some errors you may have to compare it with the core theme and try to fix it. And if you have any questions simply leave a comment and I’ll jump in and help you out.

For example, you open up the detailview.ascx in your customized theme and find out the register line and modify it as follows:


<%@ Register TagPrefix="uc" TagName="Rating" Src="~/DesktopModules/SunBlog/Shared/Widget_**Rating.ascx**" %>


<%@ Register TagPrefix="uc" TagName="Rating" Src="~/DesktopModules/SunBlog/Shared/**Rating.ascx**" %>

Well, please feel free to get this release candidate here. Enjoy blogging and good writing! :)

The SunBlogNuke Team