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From monthly archives: May 2012

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Fixed reCAPTCHA issue with SunBlogNuke

PS: now you can simply upgrade SunBlogNuke with the latest package to exclude this bug.

Currently  some clients raised some problems with error information "That assembly does not allow partially trusted callers" when visiting the post detail page of our dnn blog module - #SunBlogNuke. After looking into the issue, it looks that the Google reCAPTCHA control dose not work with partially trusted callers. To fix it, please try out the following ways:

1) Please open your web.config file and find out the <trust> element. If it is open please modify the level attribute as 'High' or simply remove the <trust> element with commenting it:

Original may like that:

<trust level="Medium" originUrl=".*" />

Modified it like that:

<trust level="High" originUrl=".*" />

or comment it like that:

<!-- <trust level="High" originUrl=".*" /> -->

     If you are in a shared hosting environment, you may need to talk to your hosting provider, some providers may not allow you to run in Full Trust mode.

2) Another solution may require a upgraded assembly for Google reCAPTCHA control. Please refer to this post in details Just download the fixed assembly and replace the original one in the bin folder of your website.

Hope it helps if you encounter the same issue. If you have any question please leave your comments or raise it in our forum. :)

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Premier DNN Article/News Module - SunBlogNuke v5.2

I hope everyone is having a good morning! Today we are glad that SunBlogNuke v5.2 is available for free upgrade, which is totally compatible with new generation DotNetNuek 6.2. Following the social trend of dnn core framework, we also embraced Social Networking features and implemented social aware application with SunBlogNuke. In this building, we introduced lots of bigger changes, such as implemented "Post Thumbnail" feature & integration with our brand new gallery module - GalleryPlus, supported Open Graph meta tags & more popular social services, added ability to tweet your post status etc. Now let us dive into details about those fantastic changes.

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