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From monthly archives: December 2013

We are pleased to present below all posts archived in 'December 2013'. If you still can't find what you are looking for, try using the search box.

Free & Customizable DNN Blog Widget – Photo Viewer Gallery

Today our team released a new optional widget (named 'Photo Viewer Widget') for Ultimate DNN Blog Module – #SunBlogNuke. If you are the client of our module and finding some similar stuffs, that is yours and feel free to get it from widget page (Required Login). It is free, customizable image gallery. It allows you to display the thumbnail of your blog posts on any dnn website in a professional and intuitive way.  Take a look at the screenshot below:

showcase gallery

The customizable image viewing widget is based on popular and awesome component – SimpleViewer. Initially the widget was inspired by our showcase gallery and we would like to provide the alternative way to present those excellent websites with their thumbnails.

Then we made some searches in Google and finally got that SimpleViewer is what we want. It is so lightweight and easy to use, it features smart preloading, a resizable interface, thumbnail menu and optional description text. The only thing is that we need to load gallery xml data from our showcase gallery. That should be so easy. Then I took 2 hours to program it with retrieving all the target posts with their thumbnails and provide some basic options for customizing the personation of flash component .

All look great. Please visit the case-studies page to see how it actions.

Note that its minimal required environment is DNN v5.x and SunBlogNuke v4.2.5 and  it is not core widget so we may not support all the possible issues. You can extend it as you want due to the available source code, such as category select support.

Also feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions here if you indeed would like to let us make it more awesome and we may enhance it for you. In the latest version we will integrated it with Flickr Gallery. That will make it look more awesome.

5 Killer Features You Should Know on SunBlogNuke

As our popular blogging module #SunBlogNuke applied in more and more websites, it may fit most user sceneries for clients but actually some awesome features also hidden in the background. Today we would like to share you 5 killer features you should be interested in. Let us get started the investigation now.

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How to Migrate DNN Module Settings

If you are a customized DNN developer, in common you way utilize the built-in module settings with inheriting the base class "ModuleSettingsBase".  You should be careful with your use of the two types of settings that can be associated with an instance of a custom module - there are Module settings and Tab-Module settings. As Chris Cant shared in his post [DNN module and tab-module settings]:

The Module settings are associated with all instances of a module on several pages, while the Tab-Modulesettings are only associated with one instance (on a single page).


When you copy a module instance to a new page with Add Existing Module, only the Module settings are available on the new page. So, if you want settings to be available after a module has been copied, then use Module settings, not Tab-Module settings.


When a module's content is exported using Export Content, the module controller is called with the ModuleId only (i.e. without the TabModuleId). This only provides easy access to the Module settings.

So when you are developing your DNN modules, the specific requirements will decide what you want to utilize. Now I would like to share some sample coding about how to migration DNN module settings based these discussed above. Yep, at first your module controller must implement IPortable interface of DNN framework and then you must implement two methods "public string ExportModule(int moduleID)" and "public void ImportModule(int moduleID, string content, string version, int userId)":

The coding to export your module settings:

var objModuleController = new ModuleController();
var objSettings = objModuleController.GetModuleSettings(moduleID);
var settingsElem = new XElement("settings");
foreach (var key in objSettings.Keys)
    var item = new XElement("setting");
    var keyElem = new XElement("key", key);
    var valueElem = new XElement("value", objSettings[key].ToString());


XElement root = new XElement("Root");

return root.ToString();

The coding to import external module settings:

XElement xSettings = xRoot.Element("settings");
var objModuleController = new ModuleController();
foreach (var xField in xSettings.Elements())
    objModuleController.UpdateModuleSetting(moduleID, xField.Element("key").Value, xField.Element("value").Value);

If you have better solution or any question please feel free to share with us in the comments.

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