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Integrated GalleryPlus with built-in search

Integrated GalleryPlus with built-in search

Just update GalleryPlus module with #DNN built-in search, which was introduced from DNN7.1+. The latest package of GalleryPlus is v3.1 version.

And some useful links with DNN core search architectures and capability:

Search Done Right in DNN

Integrating with Search – Introducing ModuleSearchBase

DNN7 Blog Integrated with ModuleSearchBase

Recently we are building a totally new branch of #DNN #Blog #Module – SunBlogNuke based on DNN 7.1 core framework. As you know, DNN7 indeed introduced lots of awesome features, including advanced url rewrite solution. There are more topic about DNN7, however, we just share some interesting things about new class "ModuleSearchBase".

DNN Architecture Design Diagram

Actually the post is overdue and it might exactly be a demonstrate. I got those extreme DNN Architecture Design Diagram from irob’s blog (Please refer to the original post  DotNetNuke Architecture Diagram). In the mean time, I would like to show you how to apply the built-in lightbox(or facebox) feature of SunBlogNuke module for your images when you are blogging. That is a awesome feature you may be missing. Next I will complete a detailed tutorial to share how to utilize the killer feature when you want to show more big and clear presentation in the post.

Old DNN Architecture Design Diagram:(Zoom it with clicking):

old dnn architecture

New DNN Architecture Design Diagram:(Zoom it with clicking)

DotNetNuke Architecture

PS: A new visual overview of DotNetNuke intended to give newcomers to the platform a quick understanding of DotNetNuke, which got from the post DotNetNuke Visual Overview:

New DotNetNuke Visual Architecture

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