Language Packages Directory

Looking for the language resource packages of SunBlogNuke? Here's the place to find them! Welcome to the resource packages directory.

Resources Guideline

Note that Those resource packages are not included in the module installation package. In order to access the download links firstly make sure that you’ve purchased our dnn blogging module – SunBlogNuke and you logged in. If you ever purchased our module from, maybe you need to update your account in our website (please refer to the download page with more details) and then will be assigned to the appropriate role. Once you have been added to the roles you will be able to download the resource packages for free in this page.

If you want to contribute to the effort, and translate SunBlogNuke to your language, and make the language pack available to everyone else. Please feel free to contact us via dnnsun(at)

If you need more information on how to create a language pack you can read the blog "DotNetNuke Language Pack Creation".

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