Release History

Below is a summary of the major features for each release. For more information about a specific issue please refer to the official blog in details.

What's New in 07.01.00

Min DotNetNuke version required: dnn 7.1.0

  • ENH - supported email templates for subscription feature and now you can configure different email templates for specific blog instance.
  • ENH - supported to access more properties of DNN core profile in the theme level, such as FirstName or LastName of blog author like "<%=Entry.AuthorProfile.FirstName%>".
  • ENH - supported category image to show in the list of dashboard if exist.
  • ENH - supported 'bulk delete' action for entries list of dashboard.
  • ENH - meta title/description & header for archives view configurable for better SEO purpose.
  • ENH - resolved ugly slug with friendly text/characters, for example, it will automatically transform "some $ugly ###url wit[]h spaces" into "some-ugly-url-with-spaces".
  • ENH - integrated with MyTokens module of DNNSharp corp, including dnn core tokens.
  • ENH - totally compatible with DNN7
  • ENH - integrated with lots of DNN7 core features, such as friendly url extesnion.
  • ENH - supported new search API of DNN7 with implementing "ModuleSearchBase".
  • ENH - replaced code editor in theme customization panel with dnn core one - CodeMirror plugin.
  • ENH - disabled keywords auto retrieved from tags when empty due to irrelevant keywords -
  • ENH - updated obsolete methods & profile widget.
  • ENH - support option to limit page links of pagination control.
  • ------------------------------------------------
  • FIX - post thumbnail removed after editing post and threw exception when uploading the same thumbnail.
  • FIX - blog export url not found 404 when portal built by sub folder format like "".
  • FIX - enclosure url not resolved with absolute path in the RSS feed.
  • FIX - Google recaptcha not built by https with DNN secure enable.
  • FIX - shortcut ctrl-enter feature of search box not work with DNN7.
  • FIX - social icons not pop up properly on hover status with DNN7 style.

What's New in 06.02.00

Min dnn version required: dnn 6.0.0

  • ENH - Supported category entity with track info, such as createdondate & lastmodifiiedondate.
  • ENH - introduced totally new widget wrapper, by which every separate widget will be hosted - no more core widget module instance.
  • ENH - supported to manage comments filtered with post.
  • ENH - added onindex/nofollow in the print view so that not indexed by SEO and supported separate print.css.
  • FIX - permalink issue not updated automatically after migration and removed permalink field in DB.
  • FIX - title/description issue with html entities not encoded correctly when applied in the html attribute, such as img alt or link title.
  • FIX - avatar issue not inconsistency between blog authors and comments part.
  • FIX - migration issue when post content/description only with empty text "".

What's New in 06.01.00

Min dnn version required: dnn 6.0.0

  • ENH - SQL optimizations with better performance, mainly for default blog view and Content Slider Widget.
  • ENH - supported new tokens "DigNum" and "BuryNum" for post entity.
  • FIX - upgrade issue from "4.8.0" to "6.0" caused by SQL script.
  • FIX - approved/rejected links always show when posting new comment.
  • FIX - date time not referring to the preferred timezone of every current user any more.
  • FIX - email notification not delivered when new comment posted and aggregate feed bug based on portal level.

What's New in 06.00.00

Min dnn version required: dnn 6.0.0

  • ENH - supported to feature related posts with thumbnails.
  • ENH - implemented posts migration between blog instances in the same portal/website.
  • ENH - compatible with Windows Azure Cloud.
  • ENH - supported embed slideshow with optional extension "FancyGallery".
  • ENH - supported "subscription management" panel and notification for blog owners/website admin about subscription changed, such as subscribed or unsubscribed.
  • FIX - thumbnail issue with png transparent.
  • FIX - daylight savings time issue with removing timezone option.
  • FIX - always exception occurred when saving blog settings.
  • FIX - meta description with html entities like '& ;' etc.
  • FIX - trackback bug not based on blog settings.
  • FIX - 'keywords' issue in the tag view and resolved it as "NOINDEX, FOLLOW".
  • FIX - comments with HTML tags.
  • FIX - resolved the upload button of post thumbnail not clickable.

What's New in 05.08.00

Min dnn version required: dnn 5.3.1

  • ENH - added optional 'Subscription' widget into core package and supported visitors to subscribe.
  • ENH - removed those outdated icons in social widget. such as MySpace.
  • ENH - supported core 'Simplicity' theme with post thumbnail.
  • ENH - supported 'PubSubHubbub' protocol in rss feed.
  • ENH - supported social bookmark with any external customized code/script, including addthis service.
  • ENH - moved "show all archives link" option into archives widget settings.
  • ENH - optimized export content and fixed issues in the import process.
  • FIX - tag archives view with security problem and "itemsmax" option in rss feed.
  • FIX - invalid author ids caused lots of ThreadAbortExceptions.
  • FIX - failure to delete blog authors.
  • FIX - email notification not show html format correctly.
  • FIX - shortcut link to approve comment not work.

What's New in 05.06.02

Min dnn version required: dnn 5.3.1

  • ENH - implemented separate author view with token support.
  • ENH - added ability to edit/combine tag.
  • ENH - redesigned UI of all the admin panels.
  • ENH - supported open search provider.
  • ENH - supported rel "prev" and "next" meta tags in the post detail view.
  • ENH - supported template-driven in the tag cloud widget.
  • FIX - invalid ids, such as categoryid, requested by search engine bot and caused lots of ThreadAbortExceptions.
  • FIX - categories bind not correctly in the edit post panel.
  • FIX - UI issues with #DNN7 default skin.
  • FIX - import/export issue with dnn IPortable interface.
  • FIX - email notification not show correct Html format.

What's New in 05.04.00

Min dnn version required: dnn 5.3.1

  • ENH - SEO enhancements with archives views.
  • FIX - date token issue in the content slider widget with multiple languages environment.
  • FIX - bugs "delete action show for blog contributors role" and "not all email notify templates show in the admin panel".
  • FIX - script conflict with jQuery and made Admin bar as well as the various module Admin action buttons all disabled.
  • FIX - resolved thumbnail url issue and upload button not clickable.
  • FIX - url not found when shared with 'LinkedIn' item of social widget.

What's New in 05.03.01

Min dnn version required: dnn 5.3.1

  • ENH - Implemented a new extension called "SyncJournal", which support to update the blog post/comment to new journal module in DNN 6.2 and you can download it in our extensions directory
  • ENH - Included blog sitemap provider in the core framework.
  • ENH - Enhanced blog theme with the ability to include "script.js" in customized theme folder.
  • ENH - Added 'post to Facebook' button in the edit post panel so that you can update the post status in your Facebook feed easily.
  • ENH - Supported multiple blogs & categories in Content Slider Plus, which is the enhanced version of core "Content Slider Widget".
  • FIX - import/export bug & supported meta description with NULL - invisible in the tag view.
  • FIX - enableEventValidation issue with custom field in the edit post panel.
  • FIX - Updated assembly 'CookComputing.XmlRpcV2.dll'.
  • FIX - Removed assembly 'Recaptcha.dll' because it may be conflicted with other modules also applied with this assembly.
  • Lots of other small fixes

What's New in 05.02.00

  • ENH - Added OpenGraph & Canonical into core extensions.
  • ENH - Added 'tweet' button in the edit post panel so that you can update the post status in your twitter easily.
  • ENH - Included LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest into social bookmark widget.
  • ENH - Supported post thumbnail with options, such as resizedwidth & thumbnailsize.
  • ENH - Implemented 'post thumbnail' as feed Enclosure element
  • ENH - Integrated with GalleryPlus module.
  • ENH - Resized profile/comment avatar with better quality.
  • ENH - Provided a workaround for avatar failure issue with host accounts.
  • FIX - Not show the font size different in tag cloud widget.
  • FIX - Paging not work in comments inbox.
  • Lots of other small fixes.

What's New in 05.01.00

  • ENH - Supported tab title with culture code of multilingual sites in the blog manage panel.
  • ENH - Rewrite feed generator and supported more elements, such as enclosure, 'content:encoded' & webmaster etc.
  • ENH - Publish date section in the edit post panel & NavZone with active effect.
  • FIX - not retrieve theme view file correctly.
  • FIX - tagcloud widget with Non-Unicode characters issue.
  • FIX - Recaptcha.dll version conflict issue.
  • FIX - Dashboard issue without any blog instance there.
  • FIX - Related date options in the general settings panel.
  • FIX - jQuery conflict in dnn5.+, including dnn6.
  • FIX - Category archives feed broken in IE browsers.
  • FIX - Removed the 'summary limit' option in the 'recent comments widget' because it was deprecated.
  • FIX - Resolved handlers path not correctly in the sub portal with alias like '' - not the common format ''.

What's New in 05.00.00

  • ENH - Supported alternative dropdown list view for monthly archives.
  • ENH - Implemented paging control with better user experience.
  • ENH - Included dashboard panel with lots of awesome widgets, such as Statistics & Quick Press.
  • ENH - Optimized theme configure.
  • FIX - Bookmark not compatible with the latest 'sharethis' code.
  • FIX - Update failure on the configure 'Module Extension' panel due to invalid email address field.
  • FIX - import bug with blogml - views & permalink not updated correctly.
  • FIX - cannot enter widget settings of tagcloud widget.
  • FIX - quick witting not published.

What's New in 04.08.02

  • ENH - Supported DotNetNuke 6.
  • ENH - Supported IP field in the comment entity.
  • ENH - Integrated with Comments+ module seamlessly.
  • ENH - Integrated with Anti-Spam service - Akitsmet.
  • ENH - Enhanced comment system & converted comment settings into one place with comments Inbox.
  • FIX - Performance issue of Content Slider Widget made website failure.
  • FIX - Metaweblog API not work with Posterous "Autopost" feature.
  • FIX - Fail to import blogml file.
  • FIX - Issues about import/export interface feature in the dnn core way.
  • FIX - Social Bookmarking issue with "ShareThis" script.
  • FIX - Trackbacks still occur when Disqus comments system in active.
  • FIX - Integration issue with Active Social Journal.

What's New in 04.07.02

  • ENH - Supported customized property value of the dnn core profile for Author entity in the CSW, like [AUTHOR:Website].
  • ENH - Added auto-ping service for trackback requests.
  • ENH - Excluded handlers from web.config, which introduced lots of problems with complex dnn environment.
  • FIX - Multiple jQuery conflict issue when other modules also included jQuery framework.
  • FIX - Threw exception (attempted to divide by zero) when adding module into page.
  • FIX - Threaded comments broken in the "_default' theme.
  • FIX - Datetime token tags, such as 'PublishedDate', not resolved correctly in the CSW.
  • FIX - 'Alternate Feed Url' meta tag not show.
  • Lots of fixes & customizations.

What's New in 04.06.02

  • ENH - Refactored dashboard with fixing unavailable navigation issue.
  • ENH - Optimized tags view to support paging and it works as other views, such as category view or author view.
  • ENH - Supported the built-in import feature to migrate dnn core blog into SunBlogNuke seamlessly.
  • ENH - Supported export blog data with blogML format so that the backup task will be easy and you can feel free to transfer data cross blog platforms.
  • ENH - Supported shortcut to execute common blog command without dashboard, such as comment approval & regenerate permalink.
  • ENH - Removed comment2Journal feature from core framework and developed it as a new extension - "Comment2Journal", which is optional.
  • NEWS - Released new widget module - 'FlowView', which allows to display one specific post or build it as the alternative detail post view.
  • FIX- missing tag cloud widget issue.
  • FIX- not correctly resolve 'Enter' key in the comment form.
  • FIX- Disqus plugin broken.
  • Lots of fixes introduced by v4.5.

What's New in 04.05.00

  • ENH - Enhanced templates of Content Slider Widget with including new tokens {block:first} and {block:last}.
  • ENH - Supported "Extra Template" for flexible layouts in the Content Slider Widget.
  • ENH - Supported add comment to Active Social Journal.
  • FIX - Profile avatar broken if it is not uploaded by users themselves.
  • FIX - Approve/reject comment links in the notification emails are invalid.
  • FIX - Duplicated comment email delivery issue.
  • FIX - The permalink with "entryid/-1" when writing a new post.
  • FIX - Any comment is straight published without moderation if the option 'Anyone - includes Anonymous Users' in 'Who can comment?' section, and 'Always' in 'Comment moderation' checked.
  • Lots of other fixes & enhancements.

What's New in 04.04.05

  • ENH - Supported new 'Archives' widget, which allows you to show the blog archives with flexible settings in any page of dnn website.
  • ENH - Supported new handy 'Profile' widget, which you can integrate with your website to show the blog authors profile.
  • ENH - Supported new fields [PublishedDate] & [LastModifiedBy] in the post entity.
  • ENH - Supported new tokens {block:customfield:xxx} and {else} in the Content Slider Widget.
  • ENH - Supported to develop customized controls, which may be originally in the 'shared' folder, for the current theme.
  • ENH - Supported the plus view with quick way to deal with common tasks, such as approve comment & regenerate links.
  • ENH - Enhanced the Disqus integration.
  • ENH - Enhanced search result view.
  • ENH - Released the additional language resource packages - Spanish & Italian.
  • FIX - Possible XSS vulnerability issue in the Rsd hander.
  • FIX - Monthly Archive list collapses when Month clicked.
  • Lots of other fixes & enhancements.

What's New in 04.03.01

  • ENH - Supported EditArea (the code editor in a textarea) to highlight the theme view files and now you can easily deal with those customizations.
  • ENH - Refactored styles for all themes.
  • ENH - Enhanced theme mechanism with providing more ways to customizations.
  • ENH - Supported imageurl/icon for Categories Widget.
  • ENH - Added an atom:link to the RSS2 feeds for better portability.
  • FIX - Fail to fall back '_default/commentview.ascx' when the comment view file of the current theme does not exists.
  • FIX - The 'Print' link opens a blank page in the browser and the resource cannot be found.
  • FIX - Enhanced digg feature and made it work again.
  • FIX - Throw exception when searching blog post with the 'Search Form' widget.
  • FIX - Unpublished posts appear in site search results.
  • Lots of other fixes & enhancements.

What's New in 04.02.05

  • ENH - Enhanced Content Slider Widget with external utility scripts and styles, like NivoSlider or bxSlider, with which to build your awesome content slider.
  • ENH - Enhanced Content Slider Widget with ability to filter the last 7/30 days of post.
  • ENH - Supported custom fields and removed the thumbnail field in entry table.
  • ENH - Combined 'Edit Blog' panel into 'General' settings.
  • ENH - Supported ability to moderate comments in the post view.
  • ENH - Enhanced tag url with SEO, like
  • ENH - Excluded the 'eNews' theme to make the install package smaller size.
  • ENH - Converted "Category Widget" into an optional module.
  • ENH - Minified the size of JavaScript files and removed the blog.common.js.
  • ENH - Provided the ability to customize all the theme view files in the 'StyleEditor' panel.
  • FIX - TagCumulus will disappear when clicking 'View all tags'.
  • FIX - It will pop up a prompt error when guest posts a comment with checking option "Remember my details'.
  • Lots of other fixes & enhancements.

What's New in 04.01.00

  • ENH - Updated styles for all core themes with CSS Sprites.
  • ENH - Improved the fill-in tag process by providing the ability to view all tag when editing post.
  • ENH - Improved localization resources.
  • ENH - Implemented import feature with blogML format so that you can migrate external blog data, like Wordpress, to SunBlogNuke.
  • ENH - Supported threaded (nested) comments with specific levels deep.
  • ENH - Converted "Recent Comments Widget" into an optional module. Now you can add it into any page at any time and point it to any blog on the portal.
  • FIX - The SHARETHIS script broken when post title with double quotation marks.
  • Lots of other fixes & enhancements.

What's New in 04.00.00

  • ENH - Refactored theme configure process with providing thumbnail and preview feature.
  • ENH - Extended thumbnail feature when editing post.
  • ENH - Split "TagCloud Widget" into an optional module so that you can add it into any page at any time and point it to any blog on the portal.
  • ENH - Converted old url with new "year/x/month/x" format in the monthly archive.
  • ENH - Added new option for coping any existing blog settings when creating new blog, so don't have to go through and do all of it manually every time.
  • ENH - New rule with no captcha for post author.
  • ENH - Integrated with Google reCAPTCHA.
  • ENH - Implemented new Vote Up/Vote Down feature.
  • ENH - Released new themes - eNews theme with supporting thumbnail view.
  • FIX - Journal entry in the Active Social not posted when publishing draft.
  • Lots of fixes & enhancements.

What's New in 03.08.02

  • ENH - Added new token [BIO] in the entity Author.
  • ENH - Integrated with Active Social Journals.
  • ENH - Provided more handy parameters in Rss Feed, including "item"(Limiting items number) and "excerpt"(Whether including excerpt when activating "Full Show in Rss Feed").
  • FIX - Avatar broken when integrated with dnn core profile.
  • FIX - Rss Feed ignore "items max" option and always returning all posts.
  • Other small fixes & customizations.

What's New in 03.07.08

  • ENH - Supported [coreprofilelink] token for blog users so that you can custom it with redirecting to dnn core profile page.
  • ENH - Integrated with dnn core profile avatar, which is available in DotNetNuke 5.3.x and later version.
  • ENH - Added alternate option to switch comments to Disqus, which is a 3rd party comment system.
  • ENH – Supported more flexible tokens like [ENTRYTEXT], [blog:title] & [author:avatarurl] in Content Slider Widget.
  • ENH – Enhanced edit post panel for better user experience.
  • ENH – Converted comment status "Reject" into "Delete" to fix issue that Rejected Actually Deletes the Comment from db.
  • FIX - Comments with links getting mangled sometimes.
  • FIX - Notification always sent no matter whether checked or unchecked in the assignment process.
  • FIX – Unable to parse template - "Header in the Post" and permalink token.
  • FIX - Thumbnail not works well in the Content Slider Widget.
  • FIX – Not check for directly enter specific admin panel without correct permission.
  • FIX - "Latest Without Featured" mode is NOT WORKING in the Content Slider Widget.
  • FIX - Toggle Dashboard fails pretty badly to use IE7.
  • FIX - Modifying user role not work in assign user panel.
  • FIX - Ignore "Max.Items.Count" option when applying "LatestWithoutFeatured" mode in Content Slider Widget.
  • FIX - Contributors are able to publish post without moderation in WLW.
  • FIX - Unable to create new category in WLW.
  • FIX - Comments still displays in the recent comment widget after related post deleted.
  • FIX - New tag appears in the tag cloud immediately event if the post is scheduled to publish in the future time.
  • Code refactoring & performance optimization.
  • Other small fixes & customizations.

What's New in 03.06.08

  • Enhanced Content Slider Widget with extending new option [Custom User Key] for profile integration.
  • Enhanced Content Slider Widget with supporting category, tag and lastmodifieddate tokens.
  • Supported two new category widget & tagcloud widget, which you can add into any page at any time and point it to any blog on the portal.
  • Supported slug for category and enhanced FormatSEOFriendlyURL method.
  • Full support for dnn core token replace functionality.
  • Added tag mouseover/hover color option to control tagcumulus flash.
  • Fixed issue where critical error something not set to an instance of the object after upgrade.
  • Fixed issue where url include some special characters like "Ü".
  • Fixed the iportable interface with the latest entities.
  • Fixed issue where the visits not updated in the content slider widget.
  • Fixed website valid issue in the comment form.
  • Other small fixes & more customizations.

What's New in 03.05.07

  • Rolled back the option [SupportFormat] for Content Slider Widget and fixed embed tag issue.
  • Fixed issue where the RFC-822 DateTime is not correct in Rss Feed.
  • Fixed issue where draft posts appear in the archive post count.
  • Fixed issue where scheduled posts appear in the archive view.
  • Fixed issue where view count should exclude clicks from search engine crawlers and robots.
  • Supported authors notifications when new comment posted on their own post.
  • Supported more than one random article in the content slider widget.
  • Supported search feature in post manage panel.
  • Supported blogid and current (EntryInfo) properties in post view model.
  • Supported convenient feature - the single-click approval emails for pending review comments.
  • Supported new option with which you can control the length of Auto-Generated Feed Summary.
  • Enhanced Author Widget with template support which you configure in the widget settings like Content Slider Widget.
  • Added DashBoardZone widget which will provide better User Experience.
  • Added new fields [Slug], [MetaKeywords] & [MetaDescription] for SEO and provided you more control over how your content is recognized.
  • Other small fixes & more customizations.

What's New in 03.03.00

  • Enhanced rating feature so that it also can be rated in recent view mode.
  • Fixed the invalid Gravatar URL issue.
  • Fixed issue where rating not working well in IE.
  • Supported sorting order feature when managing categories.
  • Supported links in comments.
  • Fixed issue where multiple contents in the core search results.
  • Fixed issue where TagCumulus disappear without enabling Friendly Urls.
  • Fixed issue where all featured posts disappear when posted back.
  • Fixed issue where there are spaces in tags.
  • Fixed issue with the tagcloud where it is not compatible with the iFinity URL Master module.
  • Fixed issue where all posts disappear when upgrading with v2.4.x.
  • Enhanced RPC client service with Metaweblog API.
  • Enhanced RssFeed output and fixed some Rss format validate issues.
  • Provided the switch option to control the comments order, like from oldest to newest or vice versa.
  • Extended blog permission/role – Allow bind the blog role with DNN core role. You get the detailed issue from the post - Automatic authors assignment.
  • Fixed issue where toolbar and share icons cut off in IE.
  • Supported for RSS auto-discovery aggregation so that your blog RSS feed is easily accessible to visitors for subscribing to it in the latest web browsers, such as IE or Firefox.
  • Supported for RSD (Really Simple Discoverability) which allows client software to auto-discover RPC services using nothing more than the URL for your blog.
  • Other fixes and more customizations.

What's New in 03.00.00

  • Enhanced the thumbnail feature.
  • Extended the featured widget module by adding random view mode and [ENTRY] token with which you do some more customizations, like showing random testimonial described in that post Showcase your testimonials with featured widget.
  • Supported profile feature and you can show author’s profile in the bottom of every post as wordpress.
  • Added the ability to specify the maximum number of related posts rendered in every post view mode.
  • SEO optimization in category view
  • Implemented separate archive feature with all the posts categorized by month.
  • Enhanced Tag cloud module in the sidebar with supporting common and flash mode (known as "TagCumulus").
  • Added the ability to customize post time with Formatting Date Time with suffix like 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th.
  • Fixed issue where blog user table was related with the core user data and caused problems when deleting any portal with any blog instance.
  • Supported the author avatar showed in the recent posts list and single post view, which is default demonstrated in the [RoyalYellow] theme.
  • Cleaned up the database script and removed some unnecessary stored procedures.
  • Updated the CookComputing.XmlRpc.dll and fixed the conflict between modules, like Metapost module.
  • Made it compatible with more old dnn version and now you can apply it DNN4.6.x and later version, including latest DNN v5.2..2.
  • Other fixes and more customizations.

What's New in 02.06.03

  • support the thumbnail feature.
  • enhance the assign role process.
  • support the Comment Policy feature and fix some bugs in WLW.
  • support the Ctrl+Enter shortcut way to submit comment.
  • fix the special characters issue when on search.
  • add header/footer for all posts.
  • enhance workflow support, now the contributor can submit new post but required approved.
  • enhance the featured widget module for more scenes, for example, the latest posts or top posts.
  • other fixes and more customizations.

What's New in 02.04.08

  • add the captcha feature to prevent comment spam.
  • optimize the feed settings and support the alternate Feed Url, i.e .
  • fix the default category feature.
  • trackback enhancement in post-edit panel
  • WLW enhancement, including support author feature and tag autucomplete.
  • replace the filed [EntryName] with post slug.
  • support the new category feature while writing post.
  • some fixes and more customizations.

What's New in 02.04.06

  • remove the AjaxControlToolkit dll to fix a lot of issues and get more compatibility.
  • enhance permission management, making it as more workflow.
  • add new authors widget module.
  • fix the notification bugs.
  • add new option [Allow registered users to change their details].
  • enhance the layout of post-edit and tag-edit panel.
  • remove the copyright filed.
  • support customization for the default post settings.
  • enhance the retrieve users process with the autocomplete way when assign contributor.
  • add the default category feature.
  • more customizations

What's New in 02.03.26

  • enhance tags selection with autocomplete mode.
  • add new related posts feature.
  • integrated with rating system.
  • replace the popup form of management panel with common form to fix the stretch out issue.
  • fix the issue that blogger can not post with WLW in the sub portal which is formatted as [].
  • fix the issue that the email address exposed in the RSS feed which leaves your posts vulnerable for crawlers picking it up for SPAM. Right now you should have ability to decide whether show email address in Rss feed.
  • more customizations

What's New in 02.03.25

  • support multiple blogs assigned to one user, so you can own different blogs viewed for each page.
  • support the export/import feature which make SunBlogNuke Portable.
  • support the customization feature of creating your default blog.
  • reopen the edit links everywhere so that you can edit your post in hand and more easily.
  • add category filter options for managing entries
  • add comment notification feature with which users can follow-up comments via e-mail
  • fix the WLW bugs(postDate issue)
  • support new category feature in WLW
  • optimizing and refactoring database design
  • remove the [DotNetNuke], [SunBlog] & [GrassGreen] themes and will not support those themes because we will provide the seperate theme project
  • more features

What's New in 02.03.16

  • delete the original latestEntry module and replace it with the standalone featured module, which show a list of posts flagged as featured for some specific blog.
  • you can create entry scheduled for publication in the future.
  • add filter options for managing entries, i.e draft, published, scheduled etc
  • totally support DNN 5.x platform
  • integrated with DNN search by implementing ISearchable interface of the DNN core framework
  • more avatar customization, i.e size, customImageUrl etc
  • add tags configuration panel
  • enhance cache and performance
  • refactoring code
  • more features

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