As anothe post [Markdown Support with DNN Blog Posts] said, our blogging module called SunBlog currently supports Markdown to write your post in DNN platform. This guide will show you how to write rich content for DNN CMS far faster than almost any other method.

At first, you need to build your blog with installing our module called SunBlog in one DNN page. Then you enter the dashboard of blogging module, quickly add a new entry [Markdown Support with DNN Blog Posts] and back to the entry management interface as follows:

Write Post with Markdown

Next you have to click the second icon as we marked red above and finally enter Markdown online editor. Now you can get start write your post content in details. Markdown allows you to keep your fingers firmly planted on the keyboard as you apply formatting on the fly. In short: You never have to stop typing or think about anything else in order to apply your styles.

Format Post with Markdown

Just enjoy blogging!

Other resources below about how to get started with Markdown with its format and Syntax Guide:

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