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We are very happy with how easy to use the blogging module is and I love the fact that you can do all of the configuration and management from the module directly and not having to get into the module settings, etc.  That makes it much easier to equip non-technical people to use it and that is very important to our clients.

- Brian Krabach (

We’ve been using SunBlog since November of 2009 and have been supremely impressed with this development group. The blogging module is reliable, chock full of awesome features and they continue to add new ones each release. Baldwin is responsive to community needs and requests and he welcomes input from users that result in a better application. We highly recommend SunBlogNuke as a publishing tool for any dnn website.

- Tyler Jones, SystemTrends, LLC (

I evaluated four blog modules for our site. SunBlogNuke v4 is intuitive, easy to setup, easy to learn all while being very powerful.  This is by far one of the best user interface designs you will find. A great value compared to others modules.

- Greg Johll

I’m a relative novice with DNN, but needed to get several blogs up on our website quickly. I knew our needs would quickly outstrip the basic blogging module – immediate needs were integration with Windows Live Writer and the ability to show our Twitter feeds next to our blogs. A DNN developer recommended SunBlogNuke. It’s been very easy to set up, and the responsiveness of the developers has been fabulous. When I needed some hand-holding due to my inexperience they stayed with me until I fully understood how to do what I needed to do. SunBlogNuke does everything we need and more. I’m still discovering new capabilities in the module and have no doubt that it will meet our needs for as long as we’re blogging. I’m delighted with my purchase, and couldn’t recommend this module and this company more highly.

- Tom Goodell (

We use SunBlogNuke for our Hearing Aid Blog. It is a fantastic DotNetNuke module. It’s easy to set up, very flexible, and very powerful. It has all the bells and whistles needed for a great blog and it’s very easy to manage and administer. Also, the developers respond to queries very quickly and professionally. Highly recommended!

- Daniel Taft (

"SunBlogNuke gave AuTechHeads a solid and flexible foundation for members to post to its blog. Although its features are outstanding, and keep growing rapidly, one of the biggest attractions to us is the quality of the support, and responsiveness of the developer. We can't be more thrilled at the value of our investment!"

- Matt Marlor (

The basic blogging module in DNN was not sufficient for my blogging aspirations. I found SunBlogNuke, tried it out, and am very happy with module. It has great features and I especially like the admin dashboard for the module.

Julie Heinrich (

We bought several other Blog Modules, and found SunBlog to be not only the most powerful, but it has the best integration into Windows Live Writer. Their support is great also.

Chip Meyer (

SunBlogNuke brings WordPress-level blogging capabilities to DotNetNuke. I have only found one feature missing that I felt was important, and the developer added it practically overnight. I even have my blog integrated with several of third-party services via the MetaWeblog API. If you need a blog on your DNN site in a flash and the core module doesn't give you just what you need, then buy SunBlogNuke!

Bruce Onder(

This is the BEST blog for DNN I have used to date; It is very easy to install and set up. The developers corrected an issue with child portals using live writer + added other features within a few days. I am totally amazed at the speed in which they delivered the fixes and adding features on top of an already outstanding product. SunBlog knocks the doors off of NukePress (I USE to use nukepress) If you need a blog for your DNN - I highly recommend SunBlog over any other. Did I mention it has a super interface and is well thought out + templated :) Super Work SunBlog!! You Did It Right!


SunBlog's integration with Windows Live Writer allows us to write our blog entries offline, then upload them when ready. It was fast and easy to customize the blog to match our colors and font selections. SunBlog allows us to communicate with fellow ASPDotNetStorefront users in a clean and effective manner.

Krista Young(

SunBlog is a fantastic module, resolving all the issues I had with the standard DNN blog. It is feature rich and has a fast, friendly administration interface. I wish more DNN modules were built to this standard. The author was also very quick to provide answers to the few questions I had.

Andrew Bartle(

This product is excellent for the following reasons.

  1. Support was very fast, answered my questions in about 1hr.
  2. The product was easy to configure and setup.
  3. I use windows live writter and setup was easy.
  4. Finally a blog engine that looks professional with web 2.0 features.

We love it!!!


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  • I have been using the sunblog on my film recommendations site for a while - and am very happy with it. The new version is even easier to use. We were able to customize it to our needs. I would highly recommend this module to anyone needing a solid and well performing blog!

  • At the core (no pun intended) of every good and great website is content. Managing that content is relatively easy using DNN. However when you combine the power of DNN with the additional functionality of SBN you instantly have a winning combination. To Baldwin's credit he is responsive and willing to work with his client's to ensure that SBN doesn't become stale or irrelevant. When there are issues, he's there on the spot to resolve the issue, and even when they can't be immediately resolved, he's still partnering with us. This is the hallmark of a commitment to long lasting quality and client relationships!

    My site, after everything is said and done, will live or die with SBN because it's our anchor feature. I've evaluated several other packages and while they all have their own features, SBN has been a choice that I would make again without a doubt!

    To Baldwin and the team: Keep up the great work!

  • I started the day not knowing anything about how to get blog functionality into a DNN site - and by lunchtime I had a fully functional and professsional looking blog up and running. This module is easy to install, setup and use. It is by far the best DNN module I have worked with - and the support is amazing. I had a question, so I sent it off in email - and within 30 minutes I had a full comprehensive answer that solved my issue. If you want Blogging functionality as part of your DNN site - you would be wasting your time to look any further than SunBlog. Great product.

  • This is the best blog on DNN backed by the best support team that I have ever come across!

    The blog is extremely powerful and easy to use. I have tried 4 or 5 other DNN blog modules over the years, but none come close to SunBlogNuke. I am extremely happy with the product. 

    But there is one thing that is better then this module, and that is the support that comes with it. I needed to get this blog to integrate with other modules and perform a number of custom tasks. Whenever I logged a support query, I received a response within a matter of hours.

    On one occasion, The module had a bug that I was unable to fix. It was 2 hours before my site was to go live with an announcement to 20 000 people. I sent in a slightly desperate support ticket and within 5 minutes SunBlogNuke's support staff contacted me via Skype and resolved the issue then and there.

    The only reason I am giving them a 5 star rating is because there is no 6 star option. If you are looking for a world class blog module, SunBlogNuke should exactly be the only choice.

  • Looking to increase Sales Leads for your Business, then Incorporate Sunblognuke to your website. This module is designed specifically with your business in mind. Reach out to your Customers by utilizing the Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Integration from Sunblognuke.

    Some of the Multiple Benefits of using this Blog Module are:

    1) Search Engine Optimization : You can add Title,Description,Keywords,Tags for every blog created out of this module.
    2) Social Media : You can add social bookmarks, AJAX, Gravatars, Email notification, tag cloud.
    3) Comments Moderation: You can decide which are the Comments to be approved or rejected.
    4) Widgets: When you install the module, you get widgets like tagcloud,recent comments,blog categories and authors.
    5) DotNetNuke 6 Support: The module is compatible with DotNetNuke 6.No need to worry about which DNN Version you are using. 
    6) Themes : The Module provides themes that can display the blogs the way you wanted to. You can customize the themes in addition to the in-bulit themes available.
    7) Multi Language: support for multi languages, and it's not difficult to configure your blog to communicate with your visitors in their native language.
    8) Windows Live Writer: You can write blogs from Windows Live Writer and publish it into your website.

  • Your support is amazingly SUPERRR. Never have I seen such wonderful support with any of the over 15 purchased DNN modules I have.

  • Steven McFadyen

    Recently I changed my site from CommunityServer to DNN and SunBlogNuke.  Using SunBlogNuke is like a
    breath of fresh air.  The functionality is great; both user and admin experience are fantastic and I’m really happy
    with the way it’s working on my site. 

    Thanks for a great product.

    Steven (

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