This document describes the goals for future versions of "SunBlogNuke" as well as a plan for achieving them. The goals for this roadmap are the following:

  • Communicate to end users what features are planned for future releases
  • Elicit feedback from users about upcoming releases
  • Provides a prioritization of features

This document is a work in progress and is constantly changing. Feedback is welcome in our forum community. If you want to see information about past releases, check out the release notes.

Roadmap and features implemented in the future

  • Workflow enhancement, including awesome version and rollback features.
  • Multiple-languages- content for each post.
  • Email to Weblog - Allow users to post to blog via email.

Current version 8.x - Features way down the road

  • Enhance custom field feature.
  • Smart & flexible query builder.

Version 4.x - 7.x (2011 - 2016)

  • Enhanced with Azure compatible with DNN Cloud Service. (Done)
  • Auto-Publish feature -> Twitter, Facebook or other SNS services. (Done in v5.2)
  • Extended options for WLW with short code way. (Done)
  • Subscription enhancement. (Done)
  • Ping and trackback enhancement. (Done in v4.8)
  • Email subscription with newsletter. (Done in v4.7 with a new subscription widget module)
  • Comment enhancement, including integrate comment with OpenId, building rules and filters for auto-moderated comment and Captcha-Free feature. (Partly done)
  • Media Gallery. (Done in v4.7 with our new brand module GalleryPlus)
  • Page feature, with which you will be able to replaced core Html/Text module. (Done in v4.7 with a new "FlowView" widget module)

Version 3.x (2010)

  • Import & export support, which makes the transfer process between other blog platforms and SunBlogNuke more easily (Done)
  • Nest comment & comment feed (Done)
  • Sitemap provider (Done)
  • Permission/role optimization – Allow bind the blog role with DNN core role. You get the detailed issue from the post SunBlog - Automatic authors assignment. (Done)
  • Code refactoring - Focus on simplifying the existing codes (Done)
  • Custom fields (Done)