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Announcing new awesome features or enhancements in the SunBlog(Nuke) module.

How to Write Blogging with Markdown in DNN

Markdown plus DNN Blogging

As anothe post [Markdown Support with DNN Blog Posts] said, our blogging module called SunBlog currently supports Markdown to write your post in DNN platform. This guide will show you how to write rich content for DNN CMS far faster than almost any other method.

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2 Core Widgets in SunBlogNuke You Should Know

If you are a SunBlogNuke user, maybe you are missing some awesome and essential features, like ContentSlider Widget and Authors Widget. Now we would like to remind you the 2 core widget modules in SunBlogNuke you should know.


What is ContentSlider Widget?

One utility module, enables #DNN administrator to place this module on a web page and point to a specific blog. This is a good feature to highlight one of the featured blog on a landing page to direct website visitor to the blog. It allow you to display a list of posts, like featured post and latest posts. Also you can add this widget module to any page at any time and point it to any blog on the portal.

You can visit the previous post Enhance Featured Widget Module with More Customizations and learn how to extend what you want in your dnn website.

What is Authors Widget?

Another utility module, enables DNN administrator to place this module on the blog page and display a list of authors for the blog.

Markdown Support with DNN Blog Posts

Markdown Support with DNN Blog Posts

Even if DNN known as best CMS in .net platform, plus some excellent WYSIWYG editors, such as CKEdior and RadEditor, it interrupts writing with some weird issues from time to time; WYSIWYG makes it easy to write poor HTML. So we try to find alternative instead of WYSIWYG Editor, a quicker, more efficient way to publish web texts.

Markdown mirrors HTML. When you write in Markdown you’re thinking about structure and meaning, not appearance. Quality control is easier in Markdown than WYSIWYG.

With best blogging module #SunBlogNuke, we will help you get started into the wonderful world of Markdown in DNN! Blogging your way and enjoy life. :)

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5 Killer Features You Should Know on SunBlogNuke

As our popular blogging module #SunBlogNuke applied in more and more websites, it may fit most user sceneries for clients but actually some awesome features also hidden in the background. Today we would like to share you 5 killer features you should be interested in. Let us get started the investigation now.

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Schedule DNN Posts Ahead of Time in SunBlogNuke

Have you ever seen a blogger mention how important it is to schedule posts ahead? You know that there is a certain time in a day when each site gets its most amount of users or maybe you are going for a one week vacation, but you don’t want to abandon your blog. How do you fix these problems? Now it is generally a good idea to have a few posts scheduled ahead in case those things come up. If you are a SunBlogNuke user, you might not know that you have the ability to schedule posts ahead. It is actually quite easy! In addition to scheduling posts ahead, you can use old dates if you want your post to be dated sometime in the past.

Here is how to schedule your posts to be published at a different time and/or date:

  1. Begin to write your post via edit post panel or WLW client tool. scheduling-post
  2. Go to where it says PublishDate on the bottom of the Options section and adjust the time/date to reflect when you would like your post to be published. You will want to verify that your blog’s time is set up correctly to ensure the post appears when you want it to.
  3. Click "Save & Publish" action button to publish the post.
  4. The post will now appear in the Manage posts panel, but will not show on your site until the designated date/time. Yes, if you configure it into the past, it will post right away and show the designated date/time.

This is a useful way to keep a few posts saved for a rainy day or to keep content showing up if an illness puts you out of commission for a while. You can also experiment with posting times to see what works best for you and your readers. It is more important for SEO if there exists scheduled posts in your website. Google love website and blog with continuous post and updates. If you are posting more then 8 post a day and then for the next few days no post, You are actually hurting your website authority and page rank. With scheduling you can keep your blog running and your blog will never run out of the post. Maybe you should know the fact that Schedule your Posts for the Best Success.

Good luck and happy writing.

The SunBlogNuke team

SunBlogNuke 6.0 Technology Preview

SunBlogNuke v6.0

I’m pleased to announce that the SunBlogNuke 6.0 Technology Preview is now available for download. Keep in mind that this is not intended to be a production quality release.  You are sure to find many bugs and features that are not ready for prime-time.  The purpose of a release like this is to have an opportunity to collect feedback about new features.  This is especially important when we are building new features that impact the overall user experience and interface.  Continue reading to learn more about some of the exciting new features coming in SunBlogNuke 6.0.

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Fancy Lightbox Gallery inside DNN Blog

Fancy ligntbox gallery

In common, you can build the awesome blog post with some media files, and sometimes you would like to share lots of images with your friends. Yes, you want to build an album with those images in the blog post content. But it looks difficulty to incorporate display for larger images, which under normal situations would break the layout of this site. It will save lots of our time if there is some way to automatically organized images with clean & elegant layout and we just copy/insert images into Rich-Editor or WLW.

Congratulations. The "Fancy Gallery" extension is the exact tool for your dnn blog. And it is another extension for Ultimate DNN Blog Module – SunBlogNuke. You just feel free to add your images and this extension will do the rest for you – automatically convert them into one fancy gallery with lightbox effect.

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Enhance DNN Article Footers with Author Profiles

There are some awesome ways to optimize your post footers, like related articles, subscription options, and social bookmarking icons allow readers to browse and share your content. Today I would like to share another ways you may be also interested in, display the author information at the bottom of each post. The following tutorial will provide you with the ability to show off the avatar, the biography with Ultimate DNN Blog Module - SunBlogNuke on your DNN website.

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Integrated with Journal Module in DNN 6.2

Get Social with DNN Blog

As you know, the DNN 6.2 Social API enables developers to write applications that access and control the activity feed, user relationships, social groups, user profiles and notifications. Quickly these are modules (not distributed with the core) that are integrated with new 6.2 features (relationships, journal, notifications, services framework, etc.), such as Active Forums 5.0 & DotNetNuke Q&A 1.x. Now our ultimate dnn module - #SunBlogNuke will be one member to embrace those social features, especially for the journal activity stream. Let us go through how to apply it now.

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Attractive Comment Form for DNN Blog

As you know, the comment is so important to any blog platform that you may have to build an attractive comments form that users will enjoy filling out. Usually forms are pretty classic with standard fields, submit buttons - nothing more, nothing less. But still even little change of field background, border style, layout, rounded corners can make huge difference. Sometimes adding live comment preview, smiles or some simple CSS bold, italic, underline effects to give more options to advanced comment writers, such as Markdown may be a good choice to satisfy these requirements. Today I would like to share you how we redesign our own comment form. If you indeed want to really stand out and create something super in your comment form, please do your own research and considerations, what you like/dislike and why it is so. Ok, let's go ahead.

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