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SunBlogNuke Runs well with DNN9

SunBlogNuke Runs well with DNN9

Our DNN blog module SunBlogNuke straight out of the box comes ready to embrace any changes and always compatible well with the latest DNN core package DNN9. Not only we will apply any handy tools, such as SPA framework and Bootstrap UI framework, with our products, but also we assure that SunBlogNuke is still the best publishing tool with News, Magazine & Articles, for example Markdown support with better writing experience and the core Html/Text module is on road of integration.

Customized DNN Forum Project Launched

After the acquisition of Active Modules by DNN (formerly DotNetNuke) Corp, the position of original Forum module had been replaced by the Active Forums Module and the status of development looks stopping currently. No any updates or activity – in my opinion, it will be dead in the end later. Unfortunately, some our websites are still building by DNN Forum Module and we don’t want to switch it to Active Forums Module because its features are enough for us and changing will be a potential risk with time or more works.

Actually it may be a great opportunity to get started a totally new/customized project for DNN Forum. We just want to make it live always and are able to add new features or enhance some pending issues. Well, let us get ahead. We will launch the customized forum project in GitHub(DNN Core Framework had been moved to GitHub, as share in this post DNN Nightly Builds) and it will be Open Source Project always there.

Highlights in the initially building:

  • Added new theme called "FlatBlue" and made it as default theme.
  • Removed multiple post view and only thread detail view without paging.
  • Supported quick reply with Markdown format,
  • Clean UI/coding optimization, such as removing unnecessary table/tr/td tags.
  • Supported relative time to make it look friendly.
  • Fixed avatar issue when current user without any specific profile avatar - never upload it.
  • Fixed issue where meta description with line or whitespace.

You can take a look at how it action here – Forum Community for SunBlogNuke.

All right, if you want to have any thoughts about this topics, such as advices about this behavior, sponsor us with buying coffee for us, please feel free to let us know. Thanks a lot.

What is DNN Forum Project?

DotNetNuke® Forum is a full featured module used for managing forums and email notification of posts on your DNN site.

DotNetNuke® Forum in CodePlex

Ever Official website of DotNetNuke Forum Project

Improved DNN Blog Traffic with Social Sharing


As the most popular #DNN #Blog #Module, SunBlogNuke would like to build better user experience for your blog writing & shared actions. Also clients ever raised issue that the bookmark configure looks little difficulty and no idea how to make it work. Fortunately, the SunBlogNuke v5.0 simplify the settings configure without losing flexibility.

Flickr to DNN Blog Module - SunBlogNuke

Our Ultimate DNN Blog Module – SunBlogNuke can be integrated with third-party services via the MetaWeblog API and RSD (Really Simple Discoverability), like Flickr and Posterous. Recently our client Tyler just completed integration with Flickr and also contribute a awesome tutorial for us, in which you will learn how to add blog posts directly from your Flickr account and share a Photo Slideshow into your dnn blog. Now we would like to share it for our community, which you can access from the download page, and hope it makes sense when you are trying to do the same thing but not any clues. In a word, I though that it is awesome gift for us. With the contributed guideline, we would be happy to thank him with a two month extension on his license's access to support and updates. We encourage any sharing for our module because they will be helpful in our community.  If you have more tricks and tips about SunBlogNuke, please share it here or contribute it to us. If necessary, you can get the same prize. :)

PS: we just released one new Flickr feed widget for DNN blog page and you may be interested in it. Please feel free to download it and have a try if you are our license account.

Why vote so low for DNN7 release?

Why vote so low for DNN7 release

Actually everyone was looking forwards to DotNetNuke7, which should be equal to the so-called milestone, however, more expectations more disappointed. Let us take a look at the votes in codeplex – until today only average 2.8 rating with lots of lowest 1 star. In my opinion, that may be the lowest rating of all the releases before. Let’s make a discussion why it occurred and how we feel.

Integrated DNN with Facebook comments

facebook-comments-dnnOne of our dnn module products - CommentsPlus is becoming more popular in the dnn environment recently but lots of clients requested more features. And one raised frequently is that it should be built with generic built-in comment system for DotNetNuke website but right now it just integrated with 3rd party comment engines, such as Disqus or Facebook comments. We would like to say sorry for all the clients if it made you confused even this awesome feature included in our roadmap. Meanwhile we will try our best to implement it as built-in comments for dnn as we promised. FYI, in future we will also integrated Google+ comments if it is available :)

Now I just would like to complete the tutorial for Facebook comments integration. Actually the configuration process is similar with Disqus section (Take a  look at it if you are not familiar with this process):

1) Enter the configure panel with the left-top action menu of current comments+ module.

2) Switch to Facebook comments with checking the option [Comment type] as "Facebook". Those options are so self-explained and easily configured;plus some notes below":

  • Application Key: it is "API Key" generated by your own application and requires you create it in the Facebook developer. And please refer to this recourse - How to get Facebook Api key.
  • Identifier key: It is part of the thread identifier key and will append to the "Identifier prefix" in the Disqus thread. In common letting it blank is all right. Meanwhile, it is more useful to integrate Comments+ with other 3rd party modules, for example, when integrating dnn core blog module you can fill in the query parameter "entryid" as the Identifier key, it will check out the query parameter in the load process. If not exist, the comment system will not show. So just visiting the post detail, the comments+ will work as expected.

3) Click "Update" to save the settings.

Congratulations. Now the Facebook comments system will work like a charm. :)

If you need any help or question please feel free to leave your advice or comments.

Getting Started with CommentsPlus

CommentsPlusAs you know, we released a new cross-module & highlight comments solution based on DotNetNuke platform a while ago. We hope to build a universal comments/voting system to be integrated with across multiple different modules on a dnn site. And this awesome module was announced as "Comments+". You may be interested in what sets Comments+ apart from other DNN comment modules, please visit the post Ultra DNN Comments System - CommentsPlus in details. Today we would like to show you how to get started with CommentsPlus. Until now, this module allows you to add the popular comments engine Disqus or Facebook in any page of your DotNetNuke website. So the tutorial will cover Disqus & Facebook section.

Retrieving Feed in DotNetNuke with jQuery

With more clients paying more attention to our Ultimate DNN Blog Module – SunBlogNuke, this blogging engine for DotNetNuke platform have been used by more and more excellent websites, like db4 developer website. In the agile process of SunBlogNuke development, we embraced changes and focused more attentions on clients’ feedback or feature request. If you have more questions or any suggestions for our blog module, please feel free to let us know or begin a new post in our forum. We are there for you and will try our best to help you. Here I also would like to thank some clients for your awesome contributions in our community, like Eric and Matt.

Today I would like to cover a tip shared by Eric in our support forum. You will learn how to retrieve feed in DotNetNuke with jQuery. Please visit the demo link and db4 developer website to see how it action firstly.

Goals and Resolutions for SunBlogNuke in the New Year

Goals and Resolutions for Ultimate DNN Blog Module – SunBlogNuke

To all of you who are our clients and follow Ultimate DNN Blog Module – SunBlogNuke , I wish you the happiness and success during 2010.  I hope that 2010 finds you in good health and full of happiness.

What are your goals and resolutions for this coming year? What are your dreams? What do you hope to accomplish with your DNN website or in your business in general? Here I would like to share us that my goals and resolutions for 2010 are mainly about our Ultimate Blog Module –SunBlogNuke for DotNetNuke CMS:

  1. More improvements, optimizations and customizations
  2. Get the official website SunBlogNuke recognized/known
  3. Provide more tutorials and documents for our clients
  4. Build our own community and hope it will established trust and a deep sense of connection with our clients
  5. Provide great supports and feedback for our products

Next we will post a detailed roadmap about our Ultimate Blog Module –SunBlogNuke in the new year. Please stay tuned and request your expected features. :)

[Kudos] Integration with Windows Live Writer Seamlessly and Easily

SunBlog's integration with Windows Live Writer allows us to write our blog entries offline, then upload them when ready. It was fast and easy to customize the blog to match our colors and font selections. SunBlog allows us to communicate with fellow ASPDotNetStorefront users in a clean and effective manner.

Krista Young(

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