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Search Engine Optimization for DNN Blog Module

Search Engine Optimization for DNN Blog Module

Our DNN blog module SunBlogNuke straight out of the box comes ready to embrace search engines It comes with several built-in features for SEO Its features and functions guide a search engine through the posts pages and categories to help the search engine crawl your site and gather the information it needs to include your site within its database.

Extended Entries Support for SunBlogNuke

After integration SunBlogNuke with Window Live Writer, you may wonder where to find or what to replace the excerpt field in the built-in edit post panel. There is one elegant workaround – using the <!--more--> tag to mark the end of the excerpt. Fortunately, there is a setting property called "supportsExtendedEntries" in the wlwmanifest.xml depending on the feature. Please note that setting this value to true will allow the <!--more--> tag in your Window Live Writer

What you need to accomplish is placing your cursor where you want the “Read More” tag and selecting “Split Post” from the “Format” menu. Then the collection page and simple entry partial will be modified to have a "Read More" link whenever there is extended content. Have  a look at the screenshot as follows:


Also you can see the more features integrated with WLW, for example, keyword, category and slug etc. :)

Moving on to Build Ultimate DNN Blog Module

That is a brief buzz for our development team recently.

We are glad to tell you that our product is in active development and we are moving on as planned. Our guys are trying to enhance the Ultimate DNN Blog Module - SunBlogNuke and provide you the working and valuable product. In this stage we are focusing on the next building v4.0 in which we took more attentions on "Refactor". With refactor you will be able to extend more features easily. Plus, we make it stay flexible by reducing obstacles to changes so that you will respond to customers' requirements quickly. We hope that it will be the kind of beautiful, elegant and productive software.

BTW, also it will include some awesome features, like integration with Google reCAPTCHA, support for Vote Up/Vote Down and new theme configure process with providing thumbnail and preview feature. Please stay tune and it will be available to download. :).  Well. have a quick look at the screenshot about new theme configure panel:

Theme Config Panel

And we are looking forwards to your feedback. We know that the more feedback we get from our clients, the better our product will be and also we will know which areas require attentions next. So please tell us what you want most or leave your comment below if you are interested in Ultimate DNN Blog Module – SunBlogNuke. Thanks a lot.

Fixed Window Live Writer Issue with SunBlogNuke

This tutorial covers how to fix issues said "No Blogs Found on Server" meaning "you do not have currently have an active blog" when connecting our dnn blog module with Window Live Writer at the first time. Hope it helps if you also encountered the same problem.

Launching the Theme Directory for SunBlogNuke Platform

Today we happily announce that we have launched this theme directory to provide SunBlogNuke themes of quality and integrity. We craft our themes with a goal of simplicity and professionalism and strive to inject each design with a dose of modest elegance. I believe that your website is not just a tool, it is an integral part of your identity. There you can browse through the posts to view the theme thumbnail and submit your ratings for the best of the bunch. Also the directory is a place for you to showoff your customized theme powered by SunBlogNuke. All submitted themes will be approved to our directory list. We welcome any tasteful theme powered by SunBlogNuke or DNN. So if you are Looking for the awesome SunBlogNuke themes? Here's the place to find them! Welcome to the Free SunBlogNuke Themes directory. Later we will provide you the more detailed information with the free download links. Please stay tuned. :)

Holiday Sale for Ultimate DNN Blog Module::SunBlogNuke - Up to 40% OFF

Christmas Gift for Ultimate DNN Blog Module::SunBlogNuke Holiday Sale - Up To 40% Off Ultimate DNN Blog Module :: SunBlogNuke. Save Big, Spend Little. For limited time(12/23/2009 – 1/4/2010), you can save on the SunBlogNuke Subscriptions giving you full access to our blog module for an entire year.  Full details are on

Why not buy now when you would like to own it?  Enjoy blogging and happy holidays!

Note that the Discount code is “Christmas”, which is not case sensitive.

Move SunBlogNuke Web Site to Another Hosting Service

In order to enhance the website traffic for SunBlogNuke website, we get started to move our website to a more excellent hosting service and modify the domain name into Today it have been done well and is available.  Congratulations :)

PS: SunBlogNuke v2.6.5 also is released today, with fixing some following issues:

Please get it from here.

The Ultimate DNN Blog Module::SunBlogNuke Tutorial

Today we are glad to announce that we have completed the initial version of SunBlogNuke Guidelines, which includes the Ultimate DNN Blog Module::SunBlogNuke tutorial. If you are our clients or interested in what cool features SunBlogNuke have implemented, please get it from our download page. With it you should find everything you need to get up and running with SunBlogNuke as well as in depth information on the more advanced options. The documentation has been divided into sections to keep it easy to navigate and maintain, including installation, upgrade, configuration and other tutorials. Later we will continue to enhance it in more details.

Good luck and happy writing.

The SunBlogNuke team

DNN Blog Module SunBlogNuke 2.6.3 Released

Today we are very glad to announce that DNN Blog Module SunBlogNuke v2.6.3 is now available. This release includes various enhancements and some bug fixes. Please review the posts Enhance Featured Widget Module with More Customizations and How to Add Retweet Feature into Your DNN Blog, which talk about those extreme features.

Highlight in v2.6.3:

  • support the thumbnail feature.
  • enhance the assign role process.
  • support the Comment Policy feature and fix some bugs in WLW.
  • support the Ctrl+Enter shortcut way to submit comment.
  • fix the special characters issue when on search.
  • add header/footer for all posts.
  • enhance workflow support, now the contributor can submit new post but required approved.
  • enhance the featured widget module for more scenes, for example, the latest posts or top posts.
  • other fixes and more customizations.

You can get it here.

Using jQuery Timeago Plugin with DNN and Weblog

Today I would like to share some tricks about integrating jQuery timeago plugin into DotNetNuke(DNN) and your blog, especially for the Ultimate blog module SunBlogNuke. With timeago plugin, you can customize the featured widget module with more fuzzy timestamps.

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