SunBlogNuke v6.0

I’m pleased to announce that the SunBlogNuke 6.0 Technology Preview is now available for download. Keep in mind that this is not intended to be a production quality release.  You are sure to find many bugs and features that are not ready for prime-time.  The purpose of a release like this is to have an opportunity to collect feedback about new features.  This is especially important when we are building new features that impact the overall user experience and interface.  Continue reading to learn more about some of the exciting new features coming in SunBlogNuke 6.0.

Min DotNetNuke version required: DNN6.0+

Built-in Subscription

Although the subscription feature have been introduced a while back, it only supported the registered users to subscribe blog update and marked as optional widget. In the 6.0 building, the subscription feature had been re-implemented with more enhancements, such as supported visitors to subscribe, and packaged into core installation. 

Go through the workflow of subscription as follows:


1) Fill in email and click to subscribe the current blog update.

2) You will be received one confirm email to active your subscription.


1) Click the unsubscribe link in the confirm email when you subscribed it

2) You will be directed to the unsubscribe form to complete your action.

Additionally blog admin can check out how many subscribers in their blog, toggle the active status if clients requested to do it and receive notification about subscription changed, such as subscribed or unsubscribed. Please feel free to try it out on our demo blog.

Windows Azure Cloud Compatibility

Starting DotNetNuke 6.0, all the editions of DotNetNuke Platform (Community, Professional, Enterprise) had natively support Windows Azure Cloud. And more and more clients will host their DNN websites in the cloud, our modules should work well in the Windows Azure Cloud, too. The compatibility of SQL scripts of our modules is one key to be resolved in this process. After explore and testing, we fixed all the script compatible issues in v6.0 and now SunBlogNuke can run well in Windows Azure. Take a look at the demo blog here –

Embed Slideshow in the Content

In common, embedding a slideshow is common requirement to the presentation/gallery blogs. Our clients also requested the same feature a while back. With GalleryPlus module integration, it is so easy to build slideshow in your blog content – only few shortcode like that:


(album_id is for the album id built by GalleryPlus module, xx_width is the width value of slideshow and xx_height is the height value of slideshow).

Take a look at how it actions - Wish SunBlogNuke had a slideshow function

Daylight Savings Time

In this building we supported daylight savings time based on DotNetNuke 6.0 framework API and the time zone option of blog settings is marked as obsolete. Now the registered users will see the blog date consistent with their time zone and anonymous users get the blog date based on the Portal’s time zone.

What If I Find a Problem?

If you happen to have issues with the alpha version or have found a bug that you can reproduce, please post it in our community forum. If you aren’t sure how to use, just use what is most convenient for you, such as email or contact us directly here. We’ll be looking for feedback everywhere!