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News or topics about Open Source CMS - DotNetNuke platform.

How to Write Blogging with Markdown in DNN

Markdown plus DNN Blogging

As anothe post [Markdown Support with DNN Blog Posts] said, our blogging module called SunBlog currently supports Markdown to write your post in DNN platform. This guide will show you how to write rich content for DNN CMS far faster than almost any other method.

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SunBlogNuke Runs well with DNN9

SunBlogNuke Runs well with DNN9

Our DNN blog module SunBlogNuke straight out of the box comes ready to embrace any changes and always compatible well with the latest DNN core package DNN9. Not only we will apply any handy tools, such as SPA framework and Bootstrap UI framework, with our products, but also we assure that SunBlogNuke is still the best publishing tool with News, Magazine & Articles, for example Markdown support with better writing experience and the core Html/Text module is on road of integration.

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Format Date Time with suffix like 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th

Recently some client of our DNN blog module requested a customized feature, he wanted to out the posted time of SunBlogNuke in a format that included the two letter suffix added to the day number, like "December 25th, 2009" as opposed to "December 25, 2009". After some investigation, it seems this is not supported out of the box (not surprising really). Finally I found the MarkGwilliam’s post (How To Append 'st', 'nd', 'rd' or 'th' To Day Numbers in Dates) which provided a ".NET Framework friendly" to implement this behavior and therefore offers good reuse value and is intuitive for .NET developers to use. I thought that is what we want and then extended it in our customized way which allows SunBlogNuke developers to consume the code more easily and flexible. Now I shared the VB.Net Function below and hope it helps if you also have the similar requirement:

Protected Function FormatPostedTimeWithDayNumberSuffix(Optional ByVal format As String = "MMMM d{0}, yyyy") As String
    Dim dateTime As DateTime = Date.Parse(Entry.PostedTime)
    If Not Null.IsNull(dateTime) Then
        Dim formatTime As String = dateTime.ToString(format)

        Dim day As Integer = dateTime.Day
        Dim dayFormat As String = String.Empty
        Select Case day
            Case 1, 21, 31
                dayFormat = "st"
            Case 2, 22
                dayFormat = "nd"
            Case 3, 23
                dayFormat = "rd"
            Case Else
                dayFormat = "th"
        End Select

        Return String.Format(formatTime, dayFormat)
    End If

    Return Entry.PostedTime
End Function

If you have more better or elegant solution appreciate your comments here. Thanks a lot.

Search Engine Optimization for DNN Blog Module

Search Engine Optimization for DNN Blog Module

Our DNN blog module SunBlogNuke straight out of the box comes ready to embrace search engines It comes with several built-in features for SEO Its features and functions guide a search engine through the posts pages and categories to help the search engine crawl your site and gather the information it needs to include your site within its database.

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Scheduler Issues with DNN 7.3.x

Issue Detail

Lot of logs in Event Viewer related with "Scheduler Exception -Sequence contains more than one matching element". This occurs when there is a duplicate entry in the WebServers table.


To verify if this is the issue, go to Host > SQL and run the following SQL query:

SELECT ServerName FROM {databaseOwner}[{objectQualifier}WebServers]

If you see the same entry more than once, you need to run the following SQL query:

DELETE FROM {databaseOwner}[{objectQualifier}WebServers]

Once that has been completed, hover over Tools->Recycle Application Domain to make it work with re-indexing.


Scheduler Issues in DNN 7.3.x

Scheduler exception after Upgrade to 7.3.0


Fighting DNN Bugs Ⅳ:Why so lots of Spammer

Well, let us get started to fight DNN Bugs again. This is the forth post we discussed about DNN bugs and share workarounds with you. The last posts as follows below:

  1. Fighting DNN Bugs: All Handlers Not Work
  2. Fighting DNN Bugs Ⅱ: Why Can't Remove Google Analytics
  3. Fighting DNN Bugs Ⅲ: Why Non-Administration Users Logged Out

which you also are interested in reading.

Today we would like to share the bug is about spammer, mainly about spammer registrations/login attempts. When looking/monitoring Admin -> Event Viewer, there are a ton of event log recorded off type "Login failure" or "New user", then your website should have been hit by an old robot-script written specifically to target DNN website.

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Upgrade Website with DNN7.4

Upgrade issues with DNN7.4

Recently we would like to make some big things based on #DNN8 - a better platform for DNN. Still our website only hosted by DNN7.1 upgraded in the last year. Now we chosen more security upgrade dnn7.1 -> dnn7.4 -> dnn8+. Now we firstly upgrade our official website with #DNN7.4.

Some new areas introduced in 7.4.0.

  • Workflow & Versioning API
  • Multi-language settings
  • Improved HTML5 support

Workflow & HTML5 with DNN7.4

Issues & Workaround

Fighting DNN Bugs Ⅱ: Why Can't Remove Google Analytics

Some resources related with DNN7.4:

Introducing DNN Platform 7.4


Integrated DNN Blog with Javascript syntax highlighter

What is Highlight.js?

Highlight.js is a syntax highlighter written in JavaScript. It works in the browser as well as on the server. It works with pretty much any markup, doesn’t depend on any framework and has automatic language detection.

Project on Github

Next we would like to show you how to integrate DNN Blog with Javascript syntax highlighter - Highlight.js with some simple steps. Enjoying it soon :)

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Some Tips with DNN Manifest of Module Packing

If you are developing a slightly complex DNN module, how to pack it in the installation package with DNN module manifest should be one important task. It will make your module looks elegant and better flexibility - reasonable folder structure, clean installation points, easy maintenance. We recommend that you should follow up the top 5 tips Bruce Chapman mentioned in this article below:

Top 5 DotNetNuke Manifest file Module Packaging Tips

  1. Use Html in the File for better layout in the install pages
  2. Use a file for all your files
  3. Use a html file for your Licence Agreement
  4. Make your module DNN 4.x and DNN5.x compatible by using two separate manifest files.
  5. Use the ‘sourceFileName’ attribute for your assembly files.

And refer to official wiki and guideline of DNN manifest schema:

Types of Manifests

The DNN Manifest Schema

Right now we found out that the node of releasenotes only can be used like that:

<releaseNotes src="Installation\ReleaseNotes\Release.07.03.00.txt"></releaseNotes>

Wrong usage: (Who know why?)

   <releaseNote src="Installation\ReleaseNotes\Release.07.03.00.txt"/> 

Integrated GalleryPlus with built-in search

Integrated GalleryPlus with built-in search

Just update GalleryPlus module with #DNN built-in search, which was introduced from DNN7.1+. The latest package of GalleryPlus is v3.1 version.

And some useful links with DNN core search architectures and capability:

Search Done Right in DNN

Integrating with Search – Introducing ModuleSearchBase

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