Our Ultimate DNN Blog Module – SunBlogNuke can be integrated with third-party services via the MetaWeblog API and RSD (Really Simple Discoverability), like Flickr and Posterous. Recently our client Tyler just completed integration with Flickr and also contribute a awesome tutorial for us, in which you will learn how to add blog posts directly from your Flickr account and share a Photo Slideshow into your dnn blog. Now we would like to share it for our community, which you can access from the download page, and hope it makes sense when you are trying to do the same thing but not any clues. In a word, I though that it is awesome gift for us. With the contributed guideline, we would be happy to thank him with a two month extension on his license's access to support and updates. We encourage any sharing for our module because they will be helpful in our community.  If you have more tricks and tips about SunBlogNuke, please share it here or contribute it to us. If necessary, you can get the same prize. :)

PS: we just released one new Flickr feed widget for DNN blog page and you may be interested in it. Please feel free to download it and have a try if you are our license account.