We are excited to announce the final release of SunBlogNuke 5.8.0. This release brings a totally new design feature with subscription, which will allow visitors to subscribe blog newsletter in handy. As a result, the optional widget called "Subscription" now included in the core package and you can add it in any page to build target blog newsletter sign up form. Yes, that is initial version so welcome any feedback/advices about this feature after your trying. And, we refactored core theme "Simplicity" to support built-in post thumbnail since there are lots of questions/requests raised in the forum and asked why their thumbnail not expected to show in the post list. As DotNetNuke focus more attentions on social share and online community, we also followed the trend and enhanced all the social features on our DNN blogging module, including fixes with social issues.

We’d like to thank the community, sponsors and most of all the amazing feedback that have supported and guided this unique #dnn #blogging #module. We encourage you to participate wherever you can, you input and help are always appreciated. Thanks a lot for your trust on our dnn products.

Major Highlights in v5.8:
Min dnn version required: dnn 5.3.1

  • ENH - added optional 'Subscription' widget into core package and supported visitors to subscribe.
  • ENH - removed those outdated icons in social widget. such as MySpace.
  • ENH - supported core 'Simplicity' theme with post thumbnail.
  • ENH - supported 'PubSubHubbub' protocol in rss feed.
  • ENH - supported social bookmark with any external customized code/script, including addthis service.
  • ENH - moved "show all archives link" option into archives widget settings.
  • ENH - optimized export content and fixed issues in the import process.
  • FIX - tag archives view with security problem and "itemsmax" option in rss feed.
  • FIX - invalid author ids caused lots of ThreadAbortExceptions.
  • FIX - failure to delete blog authors.
  • FIX - email notification not show html format correctly.
  • FIX - shortcut link to approve comment not work.

The complete details for all of the changes can be found in the Release Notes.

You can get it here. Blog your way and enjoy life. :)

The SunBlogNuke Team