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From monthly archives: April 2010

We are pleased to present below all posts archived in 'April 2010'. If you still can't find what you are looking for, try using the search box.

Troubleshooting SunBlogNuke Installation

During Ultimate dnn blog module – SunBlogNuke installation, different problems may arise which pop-up frequently on the SunBlogNuke Support Forums and it may stop an installation dead in its tracks. Today I am attempting to cover solution for these issues and hope it makes sense while you are facing the same problems.

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More screenshots for third-party dnn blog module - SunBlogNuke

Some Screenshots about SunBlogNuke:

Clear Administrative Panel


Integration with Windows Live Writer and so easy to manage your posts


Free and extreme SunBlogNuke themes directory


More will be available later. Please stay tune.

Ultimate Blog Module SunBlogNuke v3.4 for the DotNetNuke CMS

I hope everyone is having a good weekend!  It’s been a little while since our last SunBlogNuke Update, but things here at SunBlogNuke Modules have remained busy!  Ultimate blog module SunBlogNuke 03.04.00 was released yesterday evening.  This release contains several fixes to issues that had emerged with previous releases, as well as enhancements, such as the ability to support [EXCERPTTEXT] & [EXCERPT] token for customized template, to provide you with the option for rendering items of monthly archive list.  For complete release notes, please follow this link Release Notes.

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Fixed Window Live Writer Issue with SunBlogNuke

This tutorial covers how to fix issues said "No Blogs Found on Server" meaning "you do not have currently have an active blog" when connecting our dnn blog module with Window Live Writer at the first time. Hope it helps if you also encountered the same problem.

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