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From monthly archives: July 2010

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Customized DNN Blog Post with Calendar Date Icon

We’ve received a feature request from our client Tyler. He hoped that we can provide a handy way to deal with the datestamp of their dnn posts, including format and style, for example, he want to be able to pull out the day (27) and convert the month to abbreviated form, e.g., Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec.

I also agree his point and indeed blog calendar date icons, which show the publication date next to each entry, provide a simple way to spice up your blog design. Using just a single image, a bit of CSS and some simple configurations this tutorial will show you how to implement something similar in the Content Slider Widget (& your own themes, which will be supported in next building). Plus we share some resources for you to use. Note that you should apply those customizations with Ultimate DNN Blog Module – SunBlogNuke v3.6.x or later version which had been integrated with DNN Core Token APIs and provides you more extendibility and flexibility.

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Free Sitemap Provider for Ultimate DNN Blog Module

Today we are glad to announce that the built-in sitemap provider is available for Ultimate DNN Blog Module – SunBlogNuke. Actually the provider is inspired by the post Creating a Sitemap Provider For Your Module. Thanks Chris' efforts and great tutorial. From the guideline, I knew that in DotNetNuke Core 5.3 there was some work done around the Core search engine sitemap provider that was referred to as "The sitemap now allows module admins to plugin sitemap logic for individual modules" in the release notes. So modules that have many pieces of content on a single page (Ex. Forum, Blog, Articles, etc.) can be picked up by the search engine sitemap provider. The basic flow is so simple and straightforward that we just took some minutes to implement it.

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Integrating SunBlogNuke to Active Social User Profile Tabs

Active Social has some powerful extensibility capabilities which you can leverage with your SunBlogNuke installation. For example, you can add an additional tab to the Active Social user profile page, and load the SunBlogNuke "Content Slider" widget within it - giving you a "My Blogs" tab.The cool thing about this is that then you can apply the same learning to integrate other modules that can use a custom user key. Today this tutorial will cover how to integrate SunBlogNuke to Active Social User Profile Tabs and show you the flexible capability it owns.

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Integrating Active Social avatars with SunBlogNuke

Active Social and SunBlogNuke can play very nicely together, thanks to some good design choices in Active Social, and the extensive skinning capabilities of SunBlogNuke. It's possible to use Active Social avatars within the SunBlogNuke comments and author images, starting from v3.6.1 of SunBlogNuke. I have done this successfully with Active Social 1.6 and 1.7. Today this tutorial will cover how to integrate Active Social avatars with SunBlogNuke and show you how easy and simple it is.

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[Kudos] Outstanding features and awesome responsiveness of the developer

"SunBlogNuke gave AuTechHeads a solid and flexible foundation for members to post to its blog. Although its features are outstanding, and keep growing rapidly, one of the biggest attractions to us is the quality of the support, and responsiveness of the developer. We can't be more thrilled at the value of our investment!"

- Matt Marlor (

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