PS: updated tutorials can be found in the document page here -
The last posts had described the detail about installation and configuration process of the "SunBlog" module. Here we will continue to share more about the basic usage of SunBlog module. In order to let you understand more clearly and entirely, we will utilize the QA way. Before you go ahead your blog journey please make sure that the admin/host account had assigned the permission to you, in other word, you must be included in the "SunBlog Owner" role.

Q: How to manage my blog? And where is the manage entrance?

A: That is easy to find the blog manage entrance. As long as you login the website as your blog owner account, you will obviously find the manage link in your blog page. There exist 4 links with which you can enter the manage page for your blog management. If you can not find those links, maybe you have not been authorized as a standrad “SunBlog Owner” role successfully. Please contact the admin for more details.


Q: How to create my first post?

A: Please refer to the new tutorial [Writing New Post] updated for compatible with latest version of SunBlogNuke.

If you click the "Admin Blog" link which mentioned in last demo picture, you will should enter the administrative panel and find some options for your management as follows:


To create your first post you should choose the [Add New Entry] link. Actually writing new post is so easy that there is not any tutorial here and you just know the actual meaning for the following options:


Pinned Option : you can make your post pinned in the post list and let the reader clearly know it important. When the post is about the instruction or any other similar, this option is useful.

Display in HomePage: Sometime you maybe want this post excluded in the Home Page of your blog.

Full Show in Entrylist: If you want to let the post fully show in the entries list as the classic blog view, you can check the option.

EntryName: Maybe you are guessing that it is the post title alias, yes, you are right. That is alternative post title for SEO consideration. For example, you want to make the original title("How to install and configure SunBlog Module?") more concise("install and configure SunBlog").

Q: How to manage my posts?

A: Please refer to the new tutorial [Manage Posts] updated for compatible with latest version of SunBlogNuke.