SunBlogNuke v5.6.2 works well with DNN7

The SunBlogNuke team is excited to announce the final release of 5.6.2 today. This release mainly focused on fixes introduced by last version and also some enhancements. More exciting is that we completed some compatible testing on #DNN7 and it runs well. If you are still using older versions, we recommended that you should upgrade this stable package. Try it now! :)

Separate author/tag/ view

As you may know, we initially supported category view with some customized options, for example, showing the category title with brief description in the top of posts list. Now we extended views to support author/tag view so that you also designed different UI or customized options when landing those views. Specially author view, which had been requested to make beautiful post archives there by some clients, introduced new template called "Author Archive Description" to define author profile information. You can find it in the Customize/Widget tab, for example, you designed it as token [BIO]. Saved it and click author link of very post, it will direct to author archive view like that:

DNN Blog author archive view

Compatible with #DNN7 default UI

The brand DNN7 focused more attentions on the look and feel and built new default skin "Gravity", clean and simple with CSS improvements 7.0. Indeed it also introduced some style conflicts with other skins/modules. Luckily our blogging module has little UI issues but we also made it look more perfect. What you need to do is only to feel free to install the latest package 5.6.2 in DNN7 :)  

Combined Tags

As the blog posts continues to grow, you may add more and more tags for your posts, unavoidably with some unnecessary or multiple tags. Now it is time to make some clean-ups and the "Combined Tags" feature is exactly what you need. In the tags admin panel, you can click the pencil icon to edit very tag with combined other tags. For example, you would like to combine posts tagged "DNN7" or "DotNetNuke 7.0", plus remove the second tag "DotNetNuke 7.0". You can complete it as follow:

Combined tags in dnn blog

1) find out "DNN7" tag and click pencil icon to show the edit tag form.

2) In the combine tag row, click the link "Toggle tags" to show all the tags to be combined. Choose the tag "DotNetNuke 7.0".

3) Click "Update" button to complete this combine process.


In this building, we supported open search provider and rel "prev" and "next" meta tags in the post detail view. With open search, you can easily add it your browser's standard search engines by a single click and easy search for your posts, take a look at the Firefox screenshot:

Active open search provide with dnn cms

And the rel "prev" and "next" meta tags for paginated archives is also one SEO best practices perspective.

Notes with DotNetNuke 7.0

It seems that the new control panel introduced by DNN7 has bugs to install module instance packaged with multiple module definitions. So if you want to install SunBlogNuke in DNN7, please make sure that you switch it to the original one "RIBBONBAR" in the host settings. Yes, this issue will be resolved in later DNN 7.0.1 stabilization release.

The stable building DNN7.0.1 released in January 09, 2013 and now available to upgrade now - Announcing DotNetNuke Version 7.0.1.

In the end, we’d like to thank the community, sponsors and most of all the amazing feedback that have supported and guided the awesome #dnn #blogging #module. We encourage you to participate wherever you can, you input and help are always appreciated. Thanks a lot for your trust on our dnn products.

Major Highlights in v5.6.2:
Min dnn version required: dnn 5.3.1

  • ENH - implemented separate author view with token support.
  • ENH - added ability to edit/combine tag.
  • ENH - redesigned UI of all the admin panels.
  • ENH - supported open search provider.
  • ENH - supported rel "prev" and "next" meta tags in the post detail view.
  • ENH - supported template-driven in the tag cloud widget.
  • FIX - invalid ids, such as categoryid, requested by search engine bot and caused lots of ThreadAbortExceptions.
  • FIX - categories bind not correctly in the edit post panel.
  • FIX - UI issues with #DNN7 default skin.

The complete details for all of the changes can be found in the Release Notes.

You can get it here. Blog your way and enjoy life. :)

The SunBlogNuke Team