As Day of DotNetNuke Charlotte 2012 coming soon and the dnn 6.2 will be released in May 15. We would like to be ready for this important updates with a ton of new capabilities, more excellently for us is that it includes two huge areas: social and service framework. In order to make everything run well, yesterday we began to upgrade our dnn website sunblognuke.com with stable core framework version 6.1.5 firstly. It took some hours to complete the whole upgrade process, including some fixes & UI adjustments. In this post we will share a bit around the growing pains that were experiences throughout the process and hope it helps with everyone, who also like to upgrade their dnn website.

Issues & workaround

1) Open RadEditor/popup invokes or script error "c.defaultView.getComputedStyle". Resolved it with upgrading jQuery from 1.4 to 1.6 in the host settings. You can refer to this link

2) Login is successful, but login popup/page remains opened/there. The post (http://www.dotnetnuke.com/Resources/Forums/forumid/200/threadid/426842/scope/posts.aspx) mentioned the same bug with solution – configure IIS App Pool with ‘integrated’ and framework 4.0. But we solved this issue with unchecking the compression option as ‘None’ – you can find it in the host settings.

3) Forum 5.0 not compatible with dnn 6.x anymore so required to upgrade with the latest version 5.0.4. Please download it from here http://www.dotnetnuke.com/Community/Extensions-Forge/view/ProjectDetail/project/dnnforum.aspx.

4) iFinity.FriendlyUrlProvider not compatible with dnn6 anymore and required to upgrade iFinity.FriendlyUrlProvider_05.03.00. Please download it from here https://friendlyurlprovider.codeplex.com/releases/view/86647.

5) Note that you need to back up the “portals” folder and some style files, such as default.css, with your customized styles there. As a rule, we will exclude the portal.css in the default.aspx.cs – just find out the following line code and comment it:

ClientResourceManager.RegisterStyleSheet(this, PortalSettings.HomeDirectory + "portal.css", 60);

Some great things to be shared with

1) Our blogging module #SunBlogNuke work with dnn 6.x and there is nothing to do for this upgrade.

2) Another brand gallery module #GalleryPlus also compatible greatly with dnn 6.x and runs well. Here we announced that our new clients with professional license of SunBlogNuke module will be able to get this dnn gallery module for free in our website. This rule applied for any clients with renewal.

3) We will release a new release SunBlogNuke v5.2 soon with lots of awesome features, such as integration with GalleryPlus module & more social 3rd party services (Google+, LinkedIn & Pinterest) in bookmarks widget.

Blog your way and enjoy life. :)

The SunBlogNuke Team