As you know, we released a new cross-module & highlight comments solution based on DotNetNuke platform a while ago. We hope to build a universal comments/voting system to be integrated with across multiple different modules on a dnn site. And this awesome module was announced as "Comments+". You may be interested in what sets Comments+ apart from other DNN comment modules, please visit the post Ultra DNN Comments System - CommentsPlus in details. Today we would like to show you how to get started with CommentsPlus. Until now, this module allows you to add the popular comments engine Disqus or Facebook in any page of your DotNetNuke website. So the tutorial will cover Disqus & Facebook section:

Disqus Comments System

Disqus is a comments platform that helps easily you build a networked community for your website. And Comments+ integrated with Disqus comment system seamlessly and included all the benefits from Disqus service -, such as Threaded comments, Blacklists and whitelists, Notification, Inline media embedding…. LOTs of features. Before going any further, you will need to register your website with Disqus. You will also need to create a user profile in order to login and administer this website. During registration, you will pick a shortname for your Comments+ module, which is how Disqus identifies your website community in the system. Then in order to active Disqus comments, just go through the simple process below:

1) Head over to to login with your account.

2) (Optional) Visit the Application section - and register your new application for calling APIs. It will be mentioned in detail later steps.

3) Login with host account of your dnn website and add a new CommentsPlus module into your destination page.

4) Enter the configure panel with the left-top action menu of current comments+ module.

5) Complete the settings with checking the option [Comment type] as "Disqus". Actually those options are so self-explained and easily configured. See the screenshots as follows and some notes below:

CommentsPlus Settings

Note that:

  • Application public Key: it is "Public Key" generated by the application in the steps 2) and just required when you will not use the "University way".
  • Identifier key: It is part of the thread identifier key and will append to the "Identifier prefix" in the Disqus thread. In common letting it blank is all right. Meanwhile, it is more useful to integrate Comments+ with other 3rd party modules, for example, when integrating dnn core blog module you can fill in the query parameter "entryid" as the Identifier key, it will check out the query parameter in the load process. If not exist, the comment system will not show. So just visiting the post detail, the comments+ will work as expected.

6) Click "Update" to save the settings.

Congratulations. Now the Disqus comments system will work like a charm. :)

Facebook Comments System

Integrated DNN with Facebook comments