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Blogging DNN on iPhone/iPad with SunBlogNuke

dnn blogging

Now mobile devices are essential tool for our life & work, such as iPhone & iPad. So it will be excellent if you can blog on the go with those devices, sharing any ideas or photos from anywhere and keeping your loyal blog readers engaged from your interesting things - that means you work pretty much everywhere. Do you like this very comfortable way of living? Let us show you how to blogging dnn blog module - SunBlogNuke on iPhone/iPad with the awesome app – BloggerPlus.

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Gallery Plus: A fresh 3D image slider with DNN

Currently we are focusing on our totally new module - GalleryPlus and hope that it will be the last photo gallery & slider module with DotNetNuke platform you would like to owe. With GalleryPlus, you can manage your albums & photos; plus feel free to build your own customized interface by lots of external resources without any complicated code, such as any jQuery gallery & slider plugin you can find. Today here we would like to showcase one cool sample with core plugins - Slicebox. Slicebox makes use of the 3D transforms properties and allows different kind of effects.

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SunBlogNuke v5.0 on the Road

That is a brief buzz for our development team recently.

Maybe you noticed that we did not release new version currently but just repacked installation with some urgent fixes. Actually we are still focusing more attentions on our core dnn blog product - SunBlogNuke. Yep, we are building totally version 5.0 as we promised ever. In the v5.x, we will enhance more awesome features, specially theme, widget & extension. Meanwhile we also refactored the core framework more highlight, integrity & flexibility. Always we hope that it will be the kind of beautiful, elegant and productive software.

The initial version 5.0 will include some new cool UI for admin panel, such as dashboard & new workaround for theme configure process. Please stay tune and it will be available to download. :).  Well. have a quick look at the screenshot about new theme configure panel and you can try it out in our demo blog, which have been upgraded with v5.0:

new dashboard interface of sunblognuke

And we are looking forwards to your feedback. We know that the more feedback we get from our clients, the better our product will be and also we will know which areas require attentions next. So please tell us what you want most or leave your comment below if you are interested in Ultimate DNN Blog Module – SunBlogNuke. Thanks a lot.

Attractive Comment Form for DNN Blog

As you know, the comment is so important to any blog platform that you may have to build an attractive comments form that users will enjoy filling out. Usually forms are pretty classic with standard fields, submit buttons - nothing more, nothing less. But still even little change of field background, border style, layout, rounded corners can make huge difference. Sometimes adding live comment preview, smiles or some simple CSS bold, italic, underline effects to give more options to advanced comment writers, such as Markdown may be a good choice to satisfy these requirements. Today I would like to share you how we redesign our own comment form. If you indeed want to really stand out and create something super in your comment form, please do your own research and considerations, what you like/dislike and why it is so. Ok, let's go ahead.

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Free Twitter Feed Widget for DNN Blog

Note: sorry that the widget was down and not work any more due to a new Twitter API.

If you are finding a highlight solution to display your most recent Twitter updates on your DNN website, the "Twitter Feed widget" module will be exactly what you need. With the free widget, it is easy to integrate the twitter feed into the sidebar of dnn blog to show your latest tweets.

Out of the box, you just need to specify the public twitter account info (username) and this dnn widget will do the rest for you. Moreover, you can control how tweets are displayed from widget settings panel, such as Number of displayed Tweets & whether to Show Replies. The cache mechanism also let your dnn website avoid critical website load traffic.

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Publish DNN Blog Posts with Office Word 2010 & 2007

microsoft-wordThis post was summarized with the original forum post "Post Blog Entries from Office 2010".

As you know, our dnn blogging module – SunBlogNuke supports the remote 3rd-party publishing tool, in other words, you can use a third-party Desktop/Mobile application for your dnn blog which we call it “Remote Posting”. Microsoft Office 2010 is one of remote Posting app with just a few simple steps. It indeed makes publishing a blog post so easy that you might just be in total amazement. Please refer to the tutorial for more instruction - How To Create and Publish Blog Posts in Word 2010 & 2007. And some following notes you should know:

1) Connecting SunBlogNuke with Microsoft Office 2010/2007, you need to fill in the "Blog Post Url" with the link "". Just replace "domain" with your real domain name.
2) Unfortunately, Microsoft Word still doesn’t let you add things like tags, custom fields, SEO options, etc; so it is probably a good idea to choose the Publish As Draft option so that you can add those things and then publish from your blog.

In the end, we would like to let you know that actually we prefer to use Window Live Writer as remote publishing tool and it supplies more flexible features :)

Monthly Release v4.8.2 Available for Free Upgrade

I hope everyone is having a good morning! Today we are glad that monthly release SunBlogNuke v4.8.2 is available for free upgrade. In this version we still focused on some urgent bugs introduced by the latest building, such as import/export feature not work as expected and Integration issue with Active Social Journal. Meanwhile, we built separated comments integration with Active Social Journal so that you can configure different template for posts & comments. From this v4.8.2, the “ActiveSocial” extension is not required anymore and it will be removed from our extension directory). In the release note, we combined it with the v4.7.5 and the whole will be as follows:

  • ENH - Supported DotNetNuke 6.
  • ENH - Supported IP field in the comment entity.
  • ENH - Integrated with Comments+ module seamlessly.
  • ENH - Integrated with Anti-Spam service - Akitsmet.
  • ENH - Enhanced comment system & converted comment settings into one place with comments Inbox.
  • FIX - Performance issue of Content Slider Widget made website failure.
  • FIX - Metaweblog API not work with Posterous "Autopost" feature.
  • FIX - Fail to import blogml file.
  • FIX - Issues about import/export interface feature in the dnn core way.
  • FIX - Social Bookmarking issue with "ShareThis" script.
  • FIX - Trackbacks still occur when Disqus comments system in active.
  • FIX - Integration issue with Active Social Journal.

You can get it here. Blog your way and enjoy life. :)

The SunBlogNuke Team

Getting Started with CommentsPlus

CommentsPlusAs you know, we released a new cross-module & highlight comments solution based on DotNetNuke platform a while ago. We hope to build a universal comments/voting system to be integrated with across multiple different modules on a dnn site. And this awesome module was announced as "Comments+". You may be interested in what sets Comments+ apart from other DNN comment modules, please visit the post Ultra DNN Comments System - CommentsPlus in details. Today we would like to show you how to get started with CommentsPlus. Until now, this module allows you to add the popular comments engine Disqus or Facebook in any page of your DotNetNuke website. So the tutorial will cover Disqus & Facebook section.

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Social Bookmarking for DNN Blog - SunBlogNuke


When it comes to Blogging, traffic is the main factor and it can be gained by many strategies. Meanwhile, traffic depends on number of factors however "Social Bookmarking" is the most important and common factor. So you can get a lots of traffic by joining popular Social Bookmarking sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg & new cool Google+. The Ultimate DNN Blog Module – SunBlogNuke supports the social bookmark feature from the beginning, with which your readers easily share your blog post on the famous social bookmark services around the world. Today we would like to show you how to active it and implemented customized "ShareThis" bookmark widget in DNN blog.

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Ultra DNN Comment System - CommentsPlus

Ultra DNN Comments System - CommentsPlus

If you are focusing on our dnn products, you should know this new awesome module - comments+. We would like to make it as the cross-module & highlight comments solution based on DotNetNuke platform, in other word, it will be a universal comments/voting system to be integrated with across multiple different modules on a dnn site. Until now, this module allows you to very easily build generic comments and add the popular comments engine, such as Disqus & Facebook comments, in any page on your DotNetNuke website, and also attach it to a specific module on the page. Let us go through the super features in Comments+.

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