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Play with Blog Widget Module

This video tutorial covers how to play with so lots of awesome widget modules from Ultimate DNN Blog Module – SunBlogNuke; plus you can place any of them in any page at any time and point it to any blog on the portal. Go through list of those sub/utility modules for dnn blog below before you go ahead video tutorial. Content Slider Widget - Allow to display a list of posts, like latest post or featured post, with more flexible way & layout. Home page is good place for showing the latest posts with it. Categories Widget - Allow to display a list of categories/blogs retrieved from some specific blog. Recent Comments Widget - Allow to display a list of recent comments retrieved from some specific blog. Tag Cloud Widget - Allow to display a list of tags retrieved from some specific blog with tagcloud or tag cumulus mode. Authors Widget - Allow to display a list of authors related with your blog. LOTS – please visit our widget directory. Also in the video you will know how to assign blog ...

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Custom Fields Hacks For DNN Blog

In our previous posts on Ultimate DNN Blog Module – SunBlogNuke hacks, we discussed the incredible flexibility of  SunBlogNuke, which is one of the biggest reasons for its popularity among bloggers worldwide. In particular, from v4.0 we introduced the custom fields feature, which let users create variables and add custom values to them, are  one of the reasons for SunBlogNuke’ flexibility and endless possibilities. In this tutorial, we will compile a list of useful things that you can do with custom fields in SunBlogNuke (if you are not heard of custom fields feature please refer to the initial guideline firstly - Extend DNN Blog With Custom Fields). Among them are re-defining the <title> tag of every post and linking to external resources instead of the blog post. More will be included later. Please stay tune. :) 1. Re-Define The <title> Tag The problem. On blogs, as on every other type of website, content is king. And SEO is very important for achieving your goals with traffic. By d ...

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