What are you doing here? There couldn't possibly a problem, could there? Ok, these things happen and this is as good a place as any to look for the solution. We will troubleshooting SunBlogNuke problems but please see the following links for further questions:

SunBlogNuke FAQs   OR   Question or Need Help

When I updated the edit blog panel I got an error message?
It may be a known culture issue please check out the post How to fix the Culture issue for DNN and SunBlogNuke.
SunBlogNuke looks like have been installed successfully but the main module SunBlog is not included in the extension list, how to fix it?
In order to fix the installation issues, you just need to uninstall those existing widget modules firstly and then re-install it again. Please check out the post (Troubleshooting SunBlogNuke Installation) for completed solution in detail.
When combining with dnn core profile, some avatars of authors list are broken. How to fix it?
Make sure that you did not upload the profile image with admin/host account. Just let authors go to the their profile page and upload avatar themselves. The issue will be fixed in this way.
I am getting an error when I try to submit a rating. A popup with "an error occurred while registering your rating. Please try again".
In order to fix the issue, please open up your web.config, find out the element <system.web> and append the following code like that below:
  ...other elements
      <add name="HttpGet" />
      <add name="HttpPost" />
With firebug tool, there seem to be script errors or jQuery conflict in the blog page and it made comments section not work well. How to fix it?
It should be caused by jQuery Conflict with other 3rd party dnn modules or skins. To fix it, please do not include jQuery framework script manually in skin or module. Just refer to the links (How to add jQuery reference inside a skin file and jQuery Tips for DotNetNuke Developers) for best practices.
We are moving my DNN site from a dev domain to a production domain, so the portal alias changed. But all the blog entries have permalinks that refer back to the dev domain. How to fix it?
To fix it, please enter the 'basic settings' and regenerate your blog post links. It should work like a charm. Hope it makes sense. :)
When Tagcloud widget configured with flash mode, it just get a white box set to the dimensions i specify in the widget flash settings. Why and how to fix it?
It may be caused by you tags included single quotes character "’". To fix it, please enter tags admin panel and remove/edit all the tag items included incompatible characters.
How is the views calculated and why it always increment when I was visiting it everytime?
That is the way it works. The views count is just rough calculation without any more specific filters. Any other blog engines also apply the the same algorithm.You can ignore it with removing it in the theme view level.