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Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions about Ultimate DNN Blog Module – SunBlogNuke. And you can see another guideline "troubleshooting common problems" for further questions. What is SunBlogNuke? SunBlogNuke is the enhanced and ultimate publishing tool on the DotNetNuke(DNN) platform with a focus on simplicity, ease of extendibility, web standards and usability, which a highly capable suite of modules for blogging on your DNN site. SunBlogNuke was born out of desire for a better blog platform so it'll have your website up in a snap with interactive features. Take a tour with the link. I currently have Version 2.3.25. How do I upgrade to 2.4.1? Will my existing blog be safe? Please look in the download page for the version you purchased for a free upgrade! You will get the latest version there. Then just need to directly install it again and do not have to uninstall it at first, so it is safe for your previous posts and data. Is SunBlogNuke compatible with .NET framework 2.0? Yes, it ...

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Just reinstall SunBlogNuke like the fresh installation and it will be upgraded. You go to "host->module definitions", click "add new module" action menu, select the module zip file (no need to do anything to that zip file first). Note that you need to do some backups with one of the following ways: Common Way: As with any release, we recommend you perform a complete file and database backup before performing any upgrade on a production website and that you first conduct a trial upgrade on a staging version of the site. Following these guidelines will ensure that you are able to recover should any unforeseen problems arise during the upgrade process. Lightweight and quick way: Just back up your customized works, include the theme, style, view controls and Local Resources files. Note that you may do some combinations or works after it if you had done some customization or there are some errors. Until now if you would like to upgrade it with latest package in your DNN4 website, the reco ...

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