There seems to be much demand for this capability - supports multiple authors share one blog for a community or organization in dnn website and that is exactly the main weakness of core blog module.

We would like to use the blog module in a team environment where anyone on the team could post an entry to the same blog. The individual user should be credited as the author of the entry (rather than using a shared, generic login).

Ideally, the blog owner (or site admin) should be able to designate individual blogs as either "shared" (multiple contributors) or "personal" (a single author).

Fortunately ultimate dnn blog module – SunBlogNuke offers team blogs from its initial building and it is so easy to set up multiple authors. There are 2 ways for the blog owner (or host/admin account) to assign those authors for single blog:

  1. Assign individual user with specific blog role.

    That is the common scenes and you can manually add multiple authors to the blog. It is recommended if your team blog is not so big and only a few authors to write post.

    assign individual user

  2. Bind dnn core role with specific blog role.

    This way allow multiple users in a dnn role update a common blog. When you have bind dnn core role with specific role, every user of the predefined security role will automatically have all permissions access for the specific blog role. As long as those users published more than one post, they will be added authors list and you can show those authors in the "SunBlog - Author Widget" module.

    assign dnn core role

Plus you can combine these 2 ways to fit your customized requirements. Before go ahead, make sure that you have understood the permissions relate to the existing roles as follows:

  • BlogOwners : Somebody who has access to all the administration features of their own blog.
  • Editors : Somebody who can do anything except blog configuration tasks, i.e he/she can add a new category or modify anyone's posts or approve other posts.
  • Authors: Somebody who can publish an entry without approval, and can manage their own posts.
  • Contributors : Somebody who can write and manage their posts, but requires moderation to publish posts.
  • Subscribers : Somebody who can receive newsletters, etc. This will be available in future versions.

Note that blog owners have all the admin privileges of current blog and ensure that a new blog owner will not remove your admin privileges anytime. To order to avoid the similar issue occur, it will be better to only one blog owner get the administrative power(able to assign user, edit settings. template). Of course, it decides to you.