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Writing New Post

PS: updated for SunBlogNuke v4.2.5 with Tom’s great help. In order to write a new post, just follow the steps below: 1) Log in with credentials to write to the blog. 2) From your blog’s main page, look for "Create New Entry" or "Admin Panel" link within the Meta group. 3) Click 'Create New Entry' and go to step 5 below, or click 'Admin Panel' to enter the administrative panel, where you fill all the options for managing the blog as follows: 4) To create your first post you should click the [Add New Entry] link. 5) Enter the Title of your blog post in the Title box. Below that is the Rich Text Editor, where you can type and format your post content. 6) Below the Rich Editor is a box labeled “Tags”. You can add tags to your post by typing them in here, or you can select existing tags by clicking the “Toggle tags container” label to the right of the box. This will display a list of existing tags in your blog. Clicking on them will automatically add them into the tag entry box. All ...

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