If you are finding a highlight solution to display pictures on your DNN website, the GalleryPlus module will be exactly what you need. It is ultra photo gallery framework built on top of DotNetNuke(DNN) platform. The aim is to simplify the process of creating professional image galleries and slideshows for the dnn website.

Out of the box, you can manage your albums & photos; plus feel free to build your own customized interface by lots of external resources without any complicated code, such as any jQuery gallery & slider plugin you can find. Some initial awesome features as follows:

  • Integrated with Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).
  • Multiple & sortable albums.
  • Ability to upload multiple images and a zip package with images.
  • Alternatively snazzy HTML5 drag and drop multiple images upload like Google+ (yes, only supported by Firefox & Chrome browsers).
  • Automatic thumbnail generation.
  • Dynamic image sizing when uploading images - Images can be scaled automatically and set to a maximum scale to ensure that there’s no loss of quality.
  • Highly customizable with lots of popular image effect : Fancybox, Lightbox or PrettyPhoto.
  • Simply drag to sort images with lots of options, such as uploaded date, title, modified date etc.
  • Support themes with template-driven.
  • Support tags.
  • Support cache with high performance.
  • Support friendly url with album view.
  • Automatically lazy load to minimize page loading time.

Share photos with your way and enjoy life. :)

Have a look at the screenshots below:

Integrated with Flickr feed:(How it actions)

Delicious-style theme with Fancybox:(How it actions)

DNN Flash Viewer with Full Screen Support:(How it actions)

Html5 Polaroids Theme with Lightbox:(How it actions)

Next we will enhance it with better user experience and cool features as follows:
1) Integrated with more cloud storage service providers, such as Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive.
2) Lots of views & widgets to fit your requirements, such as tags view, gallery widget for category.
3) Include the extendibility to be completely customized with lots of different look & feel based your expectations.
4) Social sharing, such as Pinterest & Social Active module integration.

If you have any good advice about our products, please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email. :)